Zahard: As the popular true king of your Tower, it is obvious you to Baam has actually observed him

Zahard: As the popular true king of your Tower, it is obvious you to Baam has actually observed him

Whether or not he did not appear to have people individual grudge towards him and you may did not appear to be inclined to follow FUG’s desire so you’re able to destroy your, which rapidly changed immediately after training which he is murdered of the Zahard, who is shown becoming good enemy of his mothers while having meeting the content Zahard, of which he quickly had into the wrong-foot when he angrily asked Zahard having their denial away from knowing his mom. With come pondering if he’d need to battle Zahard as the their finest enemy, Baam quickly began to resent also worry Zahard to possess their tremendous strength and you can experience and their relatively iron-fisted and you will forceful rule, when he educated burdensome for a whole month to face Data Zahard during the combat. When they battled, Baam soon forgotten people worry he’d of him and struggled him bravely and you will unhesitantly, also declaring an aspire to endeavor the real Zahard and give a wide berth to him for his tyrannical code. Which and additionally Zahard’s almost every other despicable strategies that Baam finds out keeps sealed the new enmity Baam feels on Zahard.

Kallavan: While they just found both to own a few days on the the enormous battlefield, Kallavan told Baam you to definitely their master is likely inactive. Baam requires Kallavan aggressively about how performed the guy learn Ha Jinsung, and you may Kallavan discussed your ripping his master’s case out-of and you may killing him. Baam who was inside the assertion instantaneously symptoms Kallavan, but not one regarding their symptoms did any damage. Also from the an important second the spot where the team needed seriously to refrain, Baam insists to remain and continue maintaining attacking regardless if the guy dies. Baam resents Kallavan to own injuring and perhaps actually slain his master. Baam escapes the new battlefield to help you go back healthier so you’re able to battle your.

Garam Zahard: The woman is one of many picked Zahard’s Little princess. She possess Indigo by the telling your just who produced him enter the world. She including give your Arlen’s pocket, and you can informs him that Arlen and you can V try their moms and dads. She support him go into Floor from demise that contains their heart in to the him, which help your overcome Heck Joe.

Khun Eduan: Whether or not Baam never ever found him for the real world, Baam fulfilled him in the invisible floor just like the his younger data. The guy saves Baam of Zahard’s study and you may pledges Zahard that he is planning teach Baam and come up with him manage to race that have your. The guy facilitate Baam by making him manage to manage orb, and now have assists him create revolution. After that, pursuing the race is more than and you may Zahard’s analysis states Baam claimed, and real Zahard is available in, Khun Eduan’s research provides his lives up to conserve Baam away from real Zahard.

Immediately after half of the brand new canines was sl to possess payback and also the a couple seemingly have setup a friendly and you will amicable dating, having Baam apologizing getting their decisions in their basic meeting and you may Yama stating the guy loves Baam now let’s talk about their tenacity

Po Bidau Gustang: They are among ten great warriors. He assists Baam along with his team getting away from FUG properly out-of the fresh workshop battle. Gustang gets Baam another thorn and mends Rachel and make Baam guarantee to give him anything from Zahard from the invisible flooring.

Baam’s feelings on her be seemingly out-of regard and you can appreciation, regardless of if the guy really does acknowledge she got her quirks if you find yourself conversing regarding their with Androssi. The guy notices the woman because the a kind individual because of the girl services as he basic registered new tower however, initiate seeing the girl due to the fact good “great” people after Lero shows you in order to your the meaning to be a beneficial Ranker.

Hatsu: Hatsu and you will Baam get on well and have an easy friendship. Baam aided him fill-up their friends’ checklist, that Hatsu searched grateful. Adopting the Submerged Fish Look finished, the guy became annoyed when Parakewl was only worried about if they enacted. When Parakewl remaining using the keyword ‘dead’, Hatsu endangered so you’re able to eliminate him. The guy believed with debt in order to Baam and was the first to ever propose to providing Rachel go the newest Tower. Partly II, when Baam found out that “Devil of your own Best Case” had beaten Hatsu, the guy apparently pressures Rapdevil, which ultimately shows he nonetheless cares seriously having his old class.

Ja Wangnan: Wangnan always anxiety Viole to the level of reduction. It’s not familiar what Baam personally thinks of Wangnan, but Wangnan thought of Baam as a beast (he entitled him a demon out-of depletion) because of his fuel with his said objective. As the time changed, he discovered of Baam’s previous and lives pushed on him. Wangnan thinks extremely from Viole given that he knows Viole’s factors having fighting and you can seems to need certainly to be friends. Immediately after the guy found out about Baam’s manage FUG, Akraptor noticed that Wangnan had become very serious towards examination and you can don’t laugh around as often. Wangnan appears to be probably the most alarmed over Viole, hoping to assist your achieve their needs and you can worrying more than him.

Whenever Baam(Viole) got to know one to Arkraptor (and you will Prince) was consumed because of the Light, thus is actually dead, the guy will get too furious so you can skip everything you around him, and just trying to destroy White no matter if the guy ends up providing slain themselves, stating it’s better than to reduce more of his friends, signifying Arkraptor try a significant individual and pal in order to him as well.

Ha Jinsung is even revealed are the main reason why Viole keeps such liberty, to your Elders and you can Slayers scared of taking on his wrath. Having fun with his determine which regarding Mirchea’s to make certain the almost every other areas of FUG don’t have its way which have him.

The two appear to have an oddly countless believe for 1 some other despite their part into the Baam’s sales into FUG’s Slayer; having Viole quickly suggesting to check out the girl having help even after Khun’s reluctance. It is indexed from inside the while they endeavor its cure for the fresh Hell Teach you to definitely Viole possess complete faith in her, revealed of the their costs violation the brand new Mirotic Protector. Once separated, Hwa Ryun cards that Viole are simpler to control (not at all times inside a poor means) than anyone else, if you find yourself watching exactly how Rachel’s party doubted this lady information. She after suggests frustration inside her interior viewpoint as he cannot immediately observe her if they are reunited to your illustrate. She and claims they are impolite as he tries to go early in the day this lady without claiming “hi” when he production from the Hidden Flooring and has not seen her for weekly.

He states you to Baam usually stand in equal put while the ten great warriors, Zahard, and Urek

Baylord Yama : They are an effective slayer regarding FUG, exactly who Baam went along to request aid in saving Ha Jinsung initially. They failed to go along when they very first satisfied, having Baam challenging Yama so you’re able to a fight to have Deng Deng’s versatility and you may Yama inturn intimidating that in case Baam manages to lose, he’ll make Thorn, destroy your, and never help conserve Ha Jinsung.

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