The Wisdom of a Winter Remodel

The Wisdom of a Winter Remodel

Winter in Fairfax County is a great time for ice skating, hitting the cross-country ski trails or taking in the glorious holiday light shows. Did you know it also can be the perfect time to add on or remodel your home? We’re not recommending December as the month to put in that pool you’ve been dreaming about, but a remodeling project is about much more than the outdoor temperature. Many homeowners believe spring and summer are the best seasons for home improvement, but you can save both money and time by scheduling your project in the winter.

The Wisdom of a Winter Remodel

Choose the right contractor, and the wisdom of remodeling in winter soon makes itself apparent. Here are just some of the top reasons:

  • Cost – Subcontractors like painters, electricians and plumbers see fewer remodeling jobs in the colder months, so they’re often willing to discount their rates to stay busy. Prices for materials like lumber and paint are also based on supply and demand, so you may find them less expensive as well. Just as you save when you buy skis in April, remodeling in winter can reap big savings.
  • Scheduling – You already know that you can get a whole lot more done when the kids are back in school. Guess what? So can your remodeling company!
  • Contractor Availability – As winter is a less busy time, your contractor will have more time to devote to your project.
  • Faster Permit Approvals – With fewer homeowners applying for permits during the winter months, obtaining yours will be easier and quicker.
  • Vacation Time – If your holidays include an out-of-town trip, you’ll experience less disruption to your family’s daily activities if much of the work can take place while you’re away.

Update Your Kitchen in Time for the Holidays

Winter is an ideal time to plan a kitchen remodeling project, as the weather is more comfortable for construction, it’s before the holidays, and prices on goods and services begin to go down. If you’ve been dreaming of a more up-to-date kitchen, now’s the time to start planning so you can take advantage of all the seasonal benefits:

  • New Appliances – The fall and winter months are a fantastic time to buy new appliances, as new models are being released and last year’s models are being discounted. The weekend following Thanksgiving will find these appliances offered for up to 35% off their original price. Also, newer appliances are more energy efficient, so you’ll save on future utilities costs.
  • Spread Good Cheer – Use holiday get-togethers as the incentive to bring your dream kitchen to life. Picture preparing fabulous feasts on your new countertops or island and then cooking them atop your new stove or inside your modern ovens. Design your space so that it complements your inner chef while at the same time offers your friends and family a convivial gathering spot for ringing in the New Year.

Tis the Season

There’s one remodeling adage you can always count on no matter what the season: the perfect time to add on or remodel is always after a project has been thoroughly planned out! Regardless of when you decide to remodel your home, Foley Development Group is happy to help. We’re Northern VA’s home remodeling experts and we’d be thrilled to help you get your remodeling project done. Contact us today for more information and to request a copy of our free e-book, Case Study Windy Knoll.