The newest Sierra Morena cardiovascular system isn’t only centered on keeping and you can revitalizing Misak ancestral knowledge of pure drug

The newest Sierra Morena cardiovascular system isn’t only centered on keeping and you can revitalizing Misak ancestral knowledge of pure drug

On the mid-eighties and you may 1990’s, the new Misak society began delivering right back ancestral areas courtesy field and you can, later on, by negotiating into government

Among formations found in the cardio, the fresh new very-titled “Casa Payan” otherwise Payan Home (and this looks off to the right in this photos), preserves the history and worldview of your own Misak Local anybody.

Extremely Misak-around 21,000 some one or 1.5 per cent of the Colombian populace-survive brand new Guambia booking. It is located in the high southwest mountains of your Cauca part, a rich ecosystem characterized by moors, or higher-altitude grasslands. This community might have been leading nationally when you look at the developing a medical design, and in this new recuperation regarding old-fashioned strategies.

Within land, they have create the house of Medicine Sierra Morena and you can the latest Mom Dominga Healthcare. This new Payan House out of Recollections, a good around three-story building created considering Misak antique architectural techniques, preserves the records and you will training.

“This age group has had the chance to receive both variety of knowledge: The Western while the that instructed right here of the ‘shures’ and ‘shuras’ (antique physicians), that are carried from generation to generation and you can based on the understanding of flowers,” told me Floresmiro Calambas, responsible for the lab inside your home from Medication Sierra Morena.

In House off Drug, town features set up a medicinal lawn with over 200 types of vegetation which might be processed regarding laboratory so you’re able to be paid in the neighborhood. Misak someone affiliated with the newest medical care system can acquire absolute medicines no-cost. Other attributes are midwifery, physiotherapy and you will worry off a traditional doc.

“Quite a few Indigenous people do not want to leave the newest territory to own concern with how they is handled otherwise since the they do not speak what,” Mom Ximena told you.

The latest drawings you to definitely fill the latest structure of one’s around three degrees of the fresh new Payan Household together with sacred things that will be managed in to the give an excellent pedagogical, didactic and you may historical memory mode for the Misak consider / credit: Antonio Cascio

The availability of a medical model inside the Misak territory promises greater visibility in the community, closure the fresh health care gap other rural Local and you will Afro-Colombian individuals have observed.

“Because the Local Peoples, we see wellness overall,” said Alberto Mendoza, delegate of your Wayuu some one, following the September 7 fulfilling. “Due to this fact, the lack of drinking water and/or consumption of low-high quality liquids, as well as the lack of sustainability, impact the wellness of people, families and groups.”

When you look at the Pacific region discussion, Petro established Marquez tend to support regional equality. He dedicated to designating the first societal expense to that area as it is probably the most uneven. Multidimensional poverty about Pacific area-which takes under consideration access to health, training and you will a career-improved regarding 26 per cent to 31 % anywhere between 2019 and you may 2020.

Congress users particularly Gustavo Bolivar has just features denounced the poor county of profit leftover because of the earlier in the day chairman, Ivan Duque. According to a study displayed because of the bodies transition people, the latest healthcare program keeps a spending budget deficit out of 6.4 mil pesos (on the $step 1.4 billion) to possess 2022 and you can cuatro.six billion (on $1 million) to have 2023.

A taxation change has already been demonstrated in the congress which is likely to improve regarding 25 billion pesos ($5.76 billion) along side next year to assist play social software. The new change includes growing personal taxes towards the best dos per cent, just who earn much more than just ten million pesos monthly (up to $2,300). Fossil-stamina exports and sugar-dependent circumstances also will end up being taxed. Aforementioned income tax is made to reduce health problems in the glucose practices.

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