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The L Word: Designing an L-Shaped Kitchen for Your Fairfax County Home

Looking to remodel your kitchen? It’s an exciting process! Home improvement projects are a reminder that every room is full of potential. You’ll finally have the chance to create a house that you genuinely love. 

Designing a kitchen that satisfies both your aesthetic and practical needs is a delicate balance, though. You need to get stuff done, but you also want to look good while doing it. That’s why the first and most crucial step in any kitchen reno is deciding on your new layout.

Choosing a Kitchen Layout

The layout is the foundation of your kitchen. While it’s simple to make cosmetic changes to your kitchen, changing the design is not quite easy. That’s why you want to get it right the first time. So what should you do?

Popular kitchen layouts include the U-shape and galley styles, but another excellent choice is the L-shaped kitchen. Like any selection, an L-shaped layout has its pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision comes down to practicality and preferences.

As its name would imply, the L-shaped kitchen consists of two arms that intersect at a 90-degree angle. Most of these layouts have one long arm and one that’s shorter, although, in some larger kitchens, both arms are the same length, each anchored to the walls of your kitchen. That’s the L-shaped kitchen in a nutshell.

foley remodeling kitchen design l-shapeL-Shaped Kitchen Design Pros

Because all your appliances are tucked away against the walls of your kitchen, the L-shape’s open concept has a bright and breezy appeal. You don’t have to worry about the space looking cramped or cut off, making it great for smaller homes or bachelor pads. But this also makes it prime territory for larger kitchens, because two chefs can easily work together in the L layout.

The great thing about the L-shaped kitchen is that it’s super versatile and flexible. You can put your appliances almost anywhere and still create an easily maneuverable kitchen triangle. If you’re not familiar with the kitchen triangle, it is a basic design concept that places the three primary zones—fridge, sink, and cooktop—in a triangular shape. This allows you to move freely from one zone to the next to maximize efficiency while cooking.

While we’re on the kitchen triangle subject, let’s also discuss the flow of the L-shaped kitchen layout. With two equally long arms, it makes sense to place your fridge and sink along one wall and the prep area and stove on the other. If the arms are unequal, you may be better off putting the refrigerator, sink, and prep area on the long side with the cooktop and some landing space on the short arm. Whichever way you arrange it, everything is easily within the range without feeling crowded.

foley remodeling kitchen design l-shapeL-Shaped Kitchen Cons

One of the downsides of the L-shaped kitchen is that it isolates the kitchen from houseguests. Because the kitchen’s arms face the walls, you’re bound to have your back turned on any visitors. For some folks, cooking is a very social pastime, and the idea of doing an about-face takes away from the fun of hosting. For others, it may not matter at all. If you are one of the former, the L-shaped kitchen may not be ideal for you.

Because the L-shaped kitchen is a bit scant on surface area, you may find yourself longing for more counter real estate. Of course, with a good design, you’ll still have the necessary landing space for your dishes and plenty of room to prep your ingredients. But for those who cook a lot and need to spread out, you may find the L a bit lacking. Depending on where your kitchen’s windows are, you might also miss out on some upper cabinetry

Of course, almost all of these issues can quickly be resolved with an island. Many homeowners who elect for the L choose to add a floating kitchen island in the unoccupied space. This is a fantastic way to create a highly functional and super attractive kitchen without losing the open-concept design. Not only is an island a stylish space divider, but it also accommodates additional storage and does double-duty as a bar top, food prep area, and casual seating. 

If you’re feeling the love for the L-shape, let us give you the look. Foley Companies makes the design, order, and installation of your new kitchen a breeze—all you have to do is connect with us to get started.

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