The Ideal Length Of The New Home Construction Process

The Ideal Length Of The New Home Construction Process

It is very exciting to build a new, custom home but this can also be a very stressful process to take on even with the help of a reputable builder. The custom home process can take a few months to complete or even upwards to almost one full year. There are a lot of factors that go into the timeline involved with new home construction including the current weather conditions in the area where the build is taking place, the availability of the workers, the supplies that are available and so on. The ideal length of the new home construction process is often preferred to be as quickly as possible or at least ending around the time that a person needs to move into the home. To better understand this timeline, consider all of the items that contribute to this process including:

Lot Preparation

Before a custom home can even be begun there is usually some work that needs to be done to the lot. Trees, rocks and debris may need to be moved, sewage lines, water pipes and electric lines may also need to be installed and tied into surrounding homes. Finally, the home can be staked out and started.

Foundation And Frame

The foundation of a custom home process is typically constructed by concrete and weather conditions play a big part in when this can be done and how long it will take for the cement to cure completely. Once a foundation is in place, the framing can then begin. The framing is essentially the core of the home that holds everything together. The interior and the exterior are built off of this solid structure.

The Inner Workings

While it might not seem like a lot is going on from the outside, the inside of the home is getting the heating and cooling installed, the plumbing, wiring, lights, security system and much more. The drywall is then the cosmetic cover that seals everything up, resulting in your interior rooms.


Once everything has been finalized and inspected, each room can be painted. This includes the ceiling and the walls.


Usually flooring will be the last item to be installed in a new home and this is a sign that the process if almost complete. The carpet, linoleum, tiles and such can be installed and are protected from the rest of the process that previously took place during the custom build.


The New Construction Home buying process is different than buying an existing, or a re-sale home. Our friends at Raleigh Realty, a top Raleigh Real Estate Agency, put together a great guide to help you in the process of buying a new home.

The final countdown to closing on your newly custom built home occurs when you see appliances being delivered, light fixtures are in and the home is then given one good final cleaning before you can occupy it. Typically, a final walk through will take place where the builder explains the entire house top to bottom, showing how everything works and explaining what to expect. This is an important appointment and takes place just before legal closing occurs. Ideally, a custom builder will work with a homeowner’s timeline to try and get them in the house when needed. Of course, there are instances that cannot be controlled and some factors depend on the lawyers involved, but it is always ideal and preferred when a strict timeline can be followed.