The Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel In Northern Virginia

The Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel In Northern Virginia

“How much will my kitchen remodel cost?” It’s the number one question we hear from homeowners who want to update or enlarge their kitchen, but worry about the hit their bank account will take. At Foley, we understand. We tell our clients they are justified in their concern, as a kitchen remodel is usually one of the most expensive home improvement jobs.  

The 2016 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report estimates that, depending on a project’s scope, a Northern VA kitchen remodel will range from $18,907 to $56,901, making the average cost of a kitchen remodel in Northern Virginia $38,000. The good news is that those same kitchen remodels tend to recoup a large percentage of that spend at resale – nearly 87% for minor remodels and 65% for major ones.

Scope of Kitchen Remodel

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, keep in mind there are a number of variables that affect your final costs, so there’s no universal one-price-fits-all answer. Here are the major factors that will have an impact on your kitchen remodel budget:

Original and anticipated square footage

Whether it will be a newly designed space, or just upgrades to appliances and cabinets

Choosing custom cabinetry over stock cabinets

The materials you choose for countertops and flooring as well as the appliances

Your personal wants and needs, including backsplash, lighting fixtures, finishes, and crown molding

Key Considerations for a Kitchen Remodel

It (almost) goes without saying that a budget is your first consideration. Everything else you decide to do with your kitchen remodel depends on it. Once you have a figure in mind, ask yourself these questions:

-What don’t you like about your current kitchen? Make a list of everything, even if you think the work required will exceed your budget. Later you can start to remove items, but making an extensive list will help you figure out what is really important to you.

-How much storage will you need? If your current kitchen design lacks sufficient storage, or if you want a pantry, include those on your wants list.

-Who will use the kitchen? Is there one chef in the family, or is meal preparation a family affair?

-Will you want to include universal design – or aging in place – principles in your kitchen remodel? It’s a smart choice and one that many homeowners are now choosing.

The Practical Aspects of a Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners often have a lot of remodeling questions. Here are the top three we hear for kitchen remodels:

1. How long will it take? Like most things, it depends. A quick search on the Internet will tell you about four to five weeks, but that is usually just the construction phase. The actual time from initial consultation to completion will be longer and the entire job may take three months or more.

2. How can I reduce the final cost? Product selection is where you can really save money. Cabinetry alone makes up to 30% of the budget, so think about whether you really need custom ones, or if they need pull-out shelves. Appliance choice is also a category where you can realize savings, but don’t give up those items you consider must-haves, such as a five-burner stove.

3. Why should I remodel? If you’re unhappy with your current kitchen and are ready to build the kitchen of your dreams, go for it! Yes, it will add value to your home, but you can’t attach a price tag to the joy it brings your family.

To learn more about the Foley remodeling process, schedule an in-home consultation today. We look forward to meeting you!