Tom and Charlotte Norwood

Dear Wayne… I remember that in our first meeting you said that it is important to enjoy the process, and that your customers seemed to have fun. Our whole experience, although hectic, was enjoyable from beginning to end… The combined utility bills for our new homes… for the twelve months… is even less than for our other home in Vienna, which had only half the square footage… We had expected the openness of our design and the large expanse of glass in the Nittany to lead to very high utility bills, despite your assurances to the contrary… The best measure of a company, however, is its response to problems. We had a few, of course, and we were very pleased with your reactions in dealing with them. The construction crew worked hard to maintain the guidelines you set, both for timeliness and for quality of construction. The fact that our home was completed within two weeks of the originally scheduled date, even though we made a number of design changes, is proof of your high standards and the skill of your team in overcoming obstacles… We are very pleased with the home, and we highly recommend Foley Construction to anyone preparing to build a custom home.