Pierre L. Sales

The delight of having recently moved into a new custom-built home and the high regard my wife and I hold for the builder and his company for its design and construction impels us to express our appreciation in writing… The design phase went through a number of major changes as our ideas began to fuse into something coherent. Wayne kept coming up with different options, advising us at every turn about the cost implications. As we moved into the construction phase, we began to appreciate how quickly and effectively he was able to mobilize his team to meet an impossible deadline which we had to meet. His wife enormously facilitated matters for us as she introduced us to the subcontractors and set up appointments for our selection of fixtures, colors, et al. The other members of the office staff made us feel as part of the family as we all became an integral part of a well-organized process. My wife and I were invited to a Xmas party at the home of one of our soon-to-be neighbors and were delighted to find Wayne and Lyn among the guests.