Dr. James and Pamela Jelinek

We are building a house that Foley Construction has built before… We met with Wayne Foley several times to adapt the floor plan to our needs. Suggestions were made by both parties on ways to improve the design so it would fit our family. Wayne was always receptive to our ideas for change and would work with us until we were all happy… Lyn has provided advice when we asked for it, told us when she thought something just wouldn’t work… Al always draws pictures for us when we begin to look confused to better illustrate the point he’s trying to make. Al is the on-site detail person and little escapes his attention… The actual construction phase has been a dream. We have absolutely no builder “horror” stories. Working with Foley Construction is truly like working with a big family. Everyone in the office knows who you are and goes out of their way to welcome and accommodate you. They deal with all the potential problems and all the paperwork involved in the bank draws… the highest praise we can give is that we would easily recommend Foley Construction to anyone with no reservations.