Garage Remodeling

Garage Remodeling Contractors in Northern VA

If you want to add square footage to your home without actually adding on, converting your garage to living space may be the answer. Whether you’re looking to expand your home’s current layout, connect a detached garage to the rest of your home, or remodel a detached garage into a media room, home office, or guest suite, we can help.

We Offer Garage Remodeling and Renovations

At Foley Companies, we’ve been remodeling Northern VA homes for over 40 years and we’ll put our experience and professionalism to work turning your garage into the space you’ve dreamed of.

The garage has evolved over the past couple of decades, with more homeowners seeing the potential of this untapped resource. No longer seen as a storage area for tools, sporting equipment or even cars, garages offer families a great way to add the additional room they need without the expense of adding on.


Adding to Without Adding On

Our remodeling process will help you tailor your existing garage into a living area that beautifully complements your existing home and family’s lifestyle. Our design team will work with you to customize the space to perfectly fit your needs. If you want to create an in-law suite, we can do that. Have you always dreamed of a greenhouse or an artist’s studio? We can do that, too.

The beauty of remodeling your garage is that you get to increase the square footage of your Northern VA home without the higher cost of building an addition onto it. No matter what your budget, you can create a room that is both functional and stylish.

Before you decide on what direction your garage remodel will take, ask yourself:

  • Will the room have multiple functions or a single theme?
  • Will you find alternative places for things currently stored in your garage?
  • Will you make room for your vehicle in the remodel?

As some garages are quite large, homeowners sometimes choose to go with a multi-functional room, or split the garage into different “zones,” with each serving a distinct purpose. Some of the most popular remodels include one or a mix of the following:

  • Family Room or Den
  • Billiard Room or Game Room
  • Ensuite Guest Room
  • Media Room
  • Home Bar
  • Gym or Spa

The Foley Remodeling Process

Over four decades of experience has taught us that when we communicate openly and work closely with a client, big dreams can turn into the reality of a space that meets everyone’s expectations. We invite you to dream big!

Our entire team is committed to communication from the very start. From the initial in-home consultation to final completion, we discuss your goals, your remodel project’s scope, your previous experience with remodeling or the design/build model, and the level of involvement you and your family wish to maintain.

Our finely tuned process helps homeowners avoid the sticker shock of change orders or construction delays. From day one, your budget is an integral part of the entire remodeling process. No guesswork – comprehensive financial planning from the beginning ensures a successful remodel every single time.


What to Expect with Your Northern VA Garage Remodel

No matter how you choose to remodel your garage, there are some standard procedures that you can think about and plan for before the actual remodel begins. The process typically includes the installation of insulation to keep those cold Northern VA winters at bay. Here are some additional common items:

  • Flooring options include stained concrete, wood flooring, tile, laminate, or carpeting
  • Lighting, including recessed
  • Plumbing and electricity, particularly if you want to add a bathroom or wet bar
  • Heating and cooling options
  • Sheetrock for walls and ceilings
  • Windows may be added and garage doors replaced or closed in
  • Paint throughout
  • Interior design, finishes, and fixtures

Keep in mind that the cost to remodel your garage will vary depending on how you will use the new space. A new master suite with bath, small apartment, media room, or office – they’re all common garage remodeling projects with different cost variables. Whatever you choose, there’s no better time like the present to get started on the garage remodel you’ve always wanted.

The Foley Distinctive Approach

We like to think of the homeowners we work with as family, and we hope they come to think of us in the same way. We have but one mission – to deliver the home building or remodeling project our clients have always dreamed about. Our clients appreciate great design and exceptional craftsmanship and love that they can be a vital part of the process without worrying about day-to-day details. We believe our approach to custom home design, building and remodeling is the perfect blend of design and form.

We want your completed remodel to be a space you will not only enjoy using today but be proud of for years to come. To meet that goal, we offer Northern VA homeowners like you design and build capability under one roof, which gives you a great advantage over hiring multiple firms. When you choose us the advantages quickly become clear because we:

  • Specialize in residential design
  • Take great pride in staying current with today’s newest methods and technologies
  • Are dedicated to upholding integrity and outstanding service in the Northern VA housing industry
  • Aim to maximize your budget and come in on time and on budget
  • Minimize change orders and delays
  • Focus on getting you the best return on investment
  • Believe any remodeling project is best accomplished when everyone works together as a team

From the day we meet, we work hand-in-hand with you, focused on developing a unique garage remodel that meets your family’s needs. And we listen! No one knows better than you what is best for your home and family. We encourage you to share each and every one of your thoughts, ideas, and concerns so that we can give you the remodel you envision.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Driving Force

Our award-winning designers specialize in creating garages with high-quality craftsmanship. Our client testimonials attest to our attention to detail, creativity, and team mentality. At Foley Companies, we believe that you should feel comfortable and secure with your choice of a remodeling contractor. We work hard to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.