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Building Your Dream Home

Now that the housing market has started to rebound, many individuals are making decisions about building the home of their dreams. There are many factors that will go into that decision and here are some of the things you need to consider as you take that big step forward.

custom home builder
custom home builders

Why A Custom Built Home

The beauty of a custom design is that you can break away from traditional forms of home design and open up new ones. Why start with a box and build around it? You can work with an open floor plan and develop your home around your living habits and family needs. There are so many open designs now that take advantage of space more efficiently – and provide more options than ever before. Be sure to incorporate networking into your home design. With so many technological innovations available today, you won’t want to miss any of them. Including features like network wiring throughout the home will prevent costly renovations down the road. Using a custom building designer will allow you to look at energy efficient appliances, use of solar power within the home, augmenting the design to increase exterior deck space, use more tempered glass for increasing access to natural light, etc. All of these features will not only add value to your home, but make it “your” home and not one cut from a magazine.

Finding A Builder

Start a portfolio of builders you want to consider for your new home; review their website; take a field trip through some new developments to see what builders are offering. This should present you with a good deal of information about how they both design and construct homes in cooperation with the owner. Be sure to review some of the new builders entering the marketplace. Review sites like to see where they rank among other custom builders.

Look at options they present as far as building materials, lighting options, environmental concerns, heating/air conditioning options, solar options, etc. The overall maintenance costs of a home are considerations for not only building, but upkeep and market value. Consider the area where your new home will be located. Will you need more use of water-resistant products because of humidity and rainfall? These are all options the builder should bring to the table.

Look at the company’s history, read testimonials on their website, ask friends and family about anyone who has used this builder for their own home. Having a good reputation for not only completing jobs on time, but providing expert advice, design and customer satisfaction are key to successful completion of your home. Your dream house awaits – if you have the right custom builder.

custom home builders

Your Satisfaction Is Our Driving Force

Our award-winning designers specialize in creating bathrooms with high-quality craftsmanship. Our client testimonials attest to our attention to detail, creativity, and team mentality. At Foley, we believe that you should feel comfortable and secure with your choice of a remodeling contractor. We work hard to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.


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