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When you opt to build a custom designed home, you are going to experience many more benefits than if you purchased a previously built home. Buying an existing home does not give you the opportunity to customize your home how you see fit and you can even choose from a variety of energy efficient items that will make your home more affordable in the long run.

One of a Kind

Instead of driving down the street and seeing home after home that all look the same, your custom built home will be unique and stand out from the rest of the homes around you. Not only that, but you can have the interior of your home designed to be unlike any other home you have seen. You can include details that provide you with a more functional space and you can include décor items that are classic but very different.

custom home builders
custom home builders


When you custom build your home you can choose from a number of high efficiency items that will lower your monthly utility bills. A furnace or air conditioning unit with an Energy Star rating is ideal and if you are going to be purchasing appliances as part of your new build, you can choose efficiency there too. Many builders will also assist you with harnessing solar power for use in your home.

Special Needs

You may have already looked at some of the newly built homes in your area and the reason you have not purchased one is because they just do not fit your specific needs. Basically, custom home builders are beneficial because they can personalize your home to fit your specific needs.

If you are someone who cannot climb stairs quickly or easily, perhaps you would like a one story home. You can also have a first floor laundry room included in the floor plan for added convenience. Large, walk-in bath tubs and showers are convenient and completely plausible when you are custom building. While you might not need these things now, you may need them as you age so it might be a good time to include these things into your home now so you will not have to move later on.

custom home builders
custom home builders


While you probably are not thinking too much about selling your home while you are in the process of designing it, keep in mind that a custom built home will bring in much more money than a cookie-cutter model. While you might be planning to live in your new home for many years, you do need to think into the future and make sure that what you are building will be in demand in a few decades, if you need to sell at that point in your life.

Customer satisfaction really is what is most important, and at Foley Development Group, LLC. we want to make sure you have full control over every detail that goes into your home whether you are picking out countertop options or bathroom faucets. Custom home builders In Leesburg, Virginia is the way to go to ensure that you will fall in love with your new home and be happy there for many more years to come. With all of the time you spend relaxing and entertaining in your home, you should love every part about it and we want to make that a reality for you.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Driving Force

Our award-winning designers specialize in creating bathrooms with high-quality craftsmanship. Our client testimonials attest to our attention to detail, creativity, and team mentality. At Foley, we believe that you should feel comfortable and secure with your choice of a remodeling contractor. We work hard to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.


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