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Possibility is one of the most exhilarating elements of building your dream home in Arlington, VA. A professional builder can help you navigate the many choices available to ensure every aspect of your custom-built home perfectly suits your family.

An experienced builder understands products and trends in the market and knows how to properly vet subcontractors to ensure your project runs smoothly. With a pro builder’s assistance, you’ll have the confidence to integrate the best elements into your home. Current new and renewed trends in custom-home building can enhance the look and efficiency of your home, teach your home to work smarter for you, and even pay you back some of your investment.

Built-Ins Offer Efficiency and Elegance

Once a popular and common feature in smaller homes built before the 60s, built-in cabinetry is making a big comeback and with good reason. A builder can help you make the most of any room and add significantly to the overall architectural look. In smaller spaces, these add additional storage or seating while increasing visual appeal. In larger areas, they can draw attention to a focal piece or break up a large, challenging spaces by utilizing different textures and elements to create ambiance and depth. These additions don’t need to add a huge cost to a project, and a builder can narrow down the options to provide you the best value.

custom home builders
custom home builders

Home Automation Makes Your Home Work For You

This kind of technologically advanced home has a lot of catchy names: home automation, home control, the Internet of Things, and smart homes. No matter its moniker, the product is a home that thinks for itself, adapts to your needs, and can be controlled at a distance. The sheer volume of products in this area and the various methods of control can be overwhelming. It pays to have an experienced builder who can navigate and educate you on the products and their associated costs. They can find an experienced, quality subcontractor, both for automation and for alternative energy projects, to ensure the work is top-notch and comes with long-term support with knowledgeable staff.

We’ve grown accustomed to manual automation; most of us have programmable thermostats, for example. These new products offer adaptable automation. Initial set-up involves scheduling and a pre-programmed checklist of variables that inform each element when and how it should act. For example, you can ‘teach’ your home that when your mobile GPS nears a certain range, the garage lights should kick on and the door should open, the alarm disengages, the thermostat should heat or cool the home accordingly, and your favorite Pandora station begins playing.

Automation can be used for a huge variety of things within your home. It can trigger a snapshot of your child coming home from school and send you a text message of it and lower the blinds if the sun gets too bright. It can dim the lights when you turn on the TV or warn you if the basement starts flooding. Forgot to lock your door and set the alarm on your way out? No problem. There’s an app for that.

Smart Energy Returns Its Investment

Energy is a pivotal issue for everyone. In the coming decades, the trend is for a major shift in how energy is consumed, delivered, and created. Forward-thinking homeowners are looking for ways to intelligently produce and store their own energy and recent technological advancements offer a potentially cost effective and elegant solution.

A recent announcement by Tesla makes going at least partially off the grid a lot more attractive. The primary problem with existing green power generation models, like rooftop solar, is that there was no efficient way to store the excess energy generated during peak hours or times of the year and distribute back to the house during off-peak hours. The introduction of home batteries, capable of storing excess energy production created by an integrated rooftop solar system, can not only provide enough energy throughout the day to keep a household running, it can even sell back additional energy to the grid. Some homes of the future will have an electrical income, instead of an electrical bill.

custom home builders

Your Satisfaction Is Our Driving Force

Our award-winning designers specialize in creating bathrooms with high-quality craftsmanship. Our client testimonials attest to our attention to detail, creativity, and team mentality. At Foley, we believe that you should feel comfortable and secure with your choice of a remodeling contractor. We work hard to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.


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