Whole Home Redesign and Remodel in Reston VA

Project Summary


The client and her parents on Thrush Ridge Road were heavily involved in the process from start to finish. Their townhome backs onto a lake and features a spectacular view from the rear of the home.

The project started off initially as a roof replacement. Once we got going, it expanded into a new bathroom, then another bathroom, a kitchen, railings, flooring, fireplaces, and repainting most of the house.

It was an older townhome and hadn’t been touched in several years, and it needed a lot of TLC. Ultimately, what they wanted was a nice place for their daughter and their grandchild to live.

The Challenge

The townhome was built in the 1980s, and it still had that look and original décor. The family wanted to bring it into this century and make it significantly more modern and more conducive to their lifestyle.

The biggest problem was space. Plus, some of the layouts were not very good. For example, the bathroom was really tight and narrow. The kitchen was separated from the dining room and the livingroom by a wall, so there was no real flow to it. Because there was so little extra space, they had very little storage.

The Vision

To make the home more livable, the family wanted to open it up and to make it a little more style-forward. In keeping with new trends, they wanted modern finishes, clean lines, clean fixtures, and an open floor plan.

The master bathroom needed updating, as did the kitchen. We also remodeled another bathroom in the basement and completely transformed the living areas to accommodate their current lifestyle and their tastes.

The Transformation

The master bathroom had a small shower, plus a single bowl, 36-inch vanity, a toilet, and a massive Jacuzzi tub. We eliminated the Jacuzzi tub entirely and moved the shower over to that area. It went from a tiny, 36-inch shower to a six-foot-long shower with dual heads and a handheld – elegant, and beautiful, with nook shelving for toiletries.

Besides the new double vanity, we added built-in shelving. As an added convenience, we also hid a plug within one shelf so the hairdryer could stay plugged in and ready to go.

The basement bathroom was narrow and cramped. We were able to enlarge the shower by about six inches by opening up the walls, which made a huge difference. They chose a modern, frameless shower door and added a beautiful tile job behind it. The combination was quite striking, it really makes that room pop.

The Selection Process

Often, the selection process can be one of the most stressful things about a remodel. One of the things that set us apart from other builders is that our clients don’t have to run around to 20 different stores looking at a million fixtures or cabinets.

Instead, they meet with DuVäl, our interior designer. He creates a digital vision board that captures the way all the selections and design elements tie in together.

From the Owner

When the client expanded the scope of the work, it gave us a chance to really transform the entire home. The difference that you see in the before and after photos, it’s like night and day. You wouldn’t even recognize the house at all. I’m incredibly proud of this project.

The clients were amazing people and incredibly kind. Best of all, they’re in love with it, and it shows. All in all, I think everybody was incredibly happy with the way everything turned out.