Learn How Our Design Build Process in Northern VA Serves You and Your Growing Family

At Foley Companies, our design, building, and remodeling processes are geared toward client satisfaction.

Step 1

New Custom Home Process

In Northern Virginia, the average custom home has more than 40,000 individual parts, up to 120 subcontractors and suppliers, and demands over 38,000 work hours. This is daunting work and you need the right professionals to make your dreams of owning a custom home a reality.

At Foley Homes, we look at the new home construction process as an 11-step process made up of various important elements.


New Custom Home Process: A Step-by-Step Guide


New Custom Home FAQs


You’ll often hear us talk about the Foley process, but in truth, we want it to be your process, too.

We’re in the business of creating spaces for living, whether that means a relaxed entertainment or family gathering spot, or a light and airy bedroom sanctuary. Our process includes listening, advising and adjusting. Our team understands there will be challenges along the way and are experts at laying out all your options, keeping in mind your budget and expectations. Our unwavering goal is to make your remodeling process a positive, fun, and rewarding experience.

As one of the most widely respected custom home builders in the Northern VA area, Foley Companies is deeply committed to combining superb craftsmanship with sustainability, comfort, and value. We build all types of custom homes, on all types of lots and want to be your home designer and builder of choice.You can find our clients’ most frequently asked questions about our new home design-build process covered here, but we welcome the opportunity to answer any others you might personally have.

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Step 3

Home Remodeling Process

We have done both small and large remodeling and addition projects for over 40 years.We use the same highly skilled trades and suppliers for our remodeling projects that we use to construct our custom homes. We do not use “jack-of-all-trades” workmen, because we believe that all aspects of any project should be done by experts in that particular trade. This has been our policy from the beginning and has served our clients well for over 4 decades.

One of our early mentors in this business, Bill Bestimt, once said.“The construction business is a very complex choreography of a zillion very simple tasks.” With this in mind the best way to understand the process is to break it down into its individual parts. We look at the construction process as being made up of several main elements that are tied together in various ways.


Home Remodeling Process: A Step-by-Step Guide


Home Remodeling Process FAQs


Many of our clients love their neighborhood, but not their home. To most, the thought of transforming their existing and dated home into something completely different can be a daunting and mysterious process. Even with simpler projects like remodeling a kitchen or a bath, most of our clients are not sure where to start. A relatively small project can run into tens of thousands of dollars, so it is reasonable to be concerned and to want to understand the process before engaging a contractor. Most of our clients ask, “How disruptive will the work be?” “How long will it take?” “How much will it cost or how much can we get done for our budget?”

We have done both small and large remodeling and addition projects for over 40 years. We believe it is our responsibility to answer these questions and any others that our clients have.

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