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Pastel Kitchens for Your Northern Virginia Home

When you renovate your kitchen, you want to make it last. That’s why most homeowners lean toward clean, classic, and timeless designs. Too edgy or too trendy, your design will age poorly and disappear deep into the “what were they thinking” file. 

Is Pastel Passé

We’ve all seen pictures of pastel homes that haven’t stood the test of time. To our modern eyes, they appear kitschy and outdated. To look at them, you might wonder if the home belongs to an 80-year-old grandmother or someone whose design aesthetic is stuck in the past.  

But that doesn’t have to be the case! Pastels aren’t just for nurseries, time-capsule homes, and preteen bedrooms. In fact, we love pastels in the kitchen more than ever right now! 

Kitchens should be bright and airy, which makes them the perfect candidate for a pastel palette. Introduce a little fun into your kitchen, or go for a more subdued look without losing visual interest. There’s a pastel for every purpose! 

foley remodeling pastel kitchensWhat’s a Pastel

A pastel color is part of a family of paler hues, with high levels of brightness and low saturation. These types of colors are seen as soothing and cheerful, leading people to associate them with childishness. But who said soothing and sunny colors can’t be for grown-ups too? 

We often see colors like baby blue, mint, peach, and lavender used as examples of pastels. But pastels don’t always have to be bright and bold. Take ‘millennial pink,’ for example. Its soft, dusty-rose tone has enjoyed a recent explosion in popularity, and we see it everywhere. 

Muted Pastels

For a subtle and mature look in your kitchen, try muted pastels. Some design bloggers are even touting these tones as “the new neutral.” If grey and beige have lost their appeal for you, trade them in for a muted pastel. It’s a fun way to introduce color into your palette without overwhelming your space. 

Muted pastels can be extremely elegant. It’s entirely possible to incorporate your affinity for these soft hues into your otherwise adult kitchen. 

Dusty periwinkle or light grey-blue look incredible on cabinetry. If you’re unsure about covering all of your cabinets in one color, try it out on your lower cabinets first. Then, complement the shade with white upper cabinets and a veined gray stone countertop. 

foley remodeling pastel kitchensBright Pastels

Brighter pastels look rich and luxe when paired with the right color palette and textures. Bold, minty paint on the walls or cabinets is evocative of vintage kitchen styles and makes your room look fresh and vibrant. 

Mixing and Matching Pastels

As with any interior design choice, it’s all about how you accessorize. The same goes for pastels. Fortunately, there are lots of different materials that look good with pastels of all shades. Medium and dark-toned natural wood is an elegant accent to pastel colors, and white never goes out of style. Black also pairs well with pastels, providing a grounding element, and ensuring that the look doesn’t become too whimsical. 

Try a geometrically-patterned tile in a neutral tone for a modern look, or go full retro with checkerboard if you’re feeling bold. Silver appliances and fixtures, either polished or matte, give your kitchen a sleek finish. 

foley remodeling pastel kitchensPastel Accents

If you’re not ready to go all-in with your pastel color palette, you can try spicing up your kitchen with a few pastel accessories. 

Brighten up your kitchen chairs with a few coats of pastel paint. Invest in some matching pastel dishware or a few colorful decorative items you can scatter throughout the space. A small area rug can also introduce a simple splash of color to liven up your space. 

Houseplants are another way to strike contrast against your pastel features. If you love the color green, there’s no easier way to get it than with some gorgeous green foliage, and it’s an easy way to punctuate your pastel kitchen. To get the relaxed look of hanging and trailing vines, English ivy, pothos, and philodendron are all perfect choices. They’re easy to grow and thrive in a sunny window. Ivy is also known for its air-purifying properties!  

If you’ve been dreaming about a pastel look for your kitchen, speak to the design team at Foley Companies today. With 40+ years of remodeling excellence in Northern Virginia, we bring unparalleled knowledge and insight to all of your home improvement projects. When you’re ready to go pastel, we’d love to help. Reach out today, and let’s talk about it. 

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