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My Fairfax County – Prioritizing Your Relocation Experience

One of life’s greatest joys is finding the perfect home in which to build a family history.

Traditional holiday celebrations and important life events come together to create memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for an existing home or hope to design and build the home of your dreams, we understand that finding the right home for your family isn’t as easy as it may seem. You want to find a safe area that also offers great schools, easy transportation options, and family-friendly conveniences.

Unfamiliarity with a location can be stressful, but a Fairfax County relocation does not have to be overwhelming. As you begin your research, you’ll soon discover that the neighborhood you choose is very important, since it typically determines where your children will attend school. If you want to find the perfect home that offers work and school proximity, we’ll help you solve the relocation puzzle.

What to Know Before a Fairfax County Relocation

While residents grumble about the high cost of living and the congested traffic, there is more to love about living in Fairfax County. It’s an area rich in history and boasts one of the best public school systems in the country. Many people who live here work for the government or for a company that is government related.

  • Fairfax County is home to over a million people, making it the 37th largest county in the country.
  • It has a high standard of living and was the first county in the U.S. to reach a six-figure median income.
  • Education is a top priority here. Many Fairfax County schools have been ranked among the best in the country.

Urban Lifestyle in a Suburban Location

Fairfax County commuters spend a lot of time in their cars. Traffic reports covering the “inner and outer loops” refer to the I-495 Beltway that circles Washington D.C.  I-66, the I-95, and the I-395 are all popular routes to work, with the 66 and 395 having dedicated HOV lanes during peak hours. Fairfax county is known for “freaking out” when it snows, with schools closing at the merest hint of snowfall – which often doesn’t come!

On the recreational front, the county is home to a wide variety of international restaurants and urban areas like Tysons Corner, a major office and shopping area. Fairfax has its share of rural areas, such as Clifton, with lots starting at five acres. Youth sports are big here – particularly the Northern Virginia Swim League, but adults like to play, too, taking part in the Adult Software League, hockey, soccer, and cricket.

Nearby Washington D.C. not only offers a huge boost to Fairfax County’s economy, it also provides plenty of activities for families to enjoy. The Smithsonian Museums, our nation’s capital, the White House, national sports teams, and the Kennedy Center are just a short drive across the Potomac River.

Fairfax County Relocation Resources

You’ll find a lot of great information at the county’s official site, which also contains information on many of the awards the area’s recently won, including:

Make your Fairfax County relocation a dream come true. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in your search for a lot that will create a history of wonderful memories that your entire family will cherish and enjoy for years to come.