Key Takeaways On Home Design Trends For Your Great Falls Home in 2017

Key Takeaways On Home Design Trends For Your Great Falls Home in 2017

Home design trends change from year to year, with a few from last year remaining “in” while many others find themselves firmly on the “out” list. The 2017 trend forecast gives Great Falls homeowners a lot to look forward to. Utility and sustainability are two of the biggest focuses. From voice-activated appliances to bringing the feeling of outdoors inside, here are the top trends you can expect to see this year.

Technical Assistance

For people building a new home or remodeling their existing one, many are favoring upgrades that make their daily lives more convenient, comfortable, and luxurious.  

  • Docking Stations combined with Wi-Fi allow you to plug in, charge up, and work anywhere in the home. People are still choosing one location to store filing cabinets,  printers, modems, and other equipment, but love the idea of not being tied down to one place.
  • Creatively Designed Furniture with built in charging and USB ports keep you powered up night and day.  
  • Voice-activated Assistants are everywhere. Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home are two of the biggest. Companies like Lutron, Honeywell, Nest, NPR,  and Domino’s have teamed up with Amazon to make lives more convenient. Google expects to do the same this year. Place the devices throughout your home and ask them to do anything – give you the weather, play your favorite tune, turn the lights on and off, or even power up the hot tub.

Sustainable Colors

If there’s one word to describe 2017’s color palette, it’s “fresh.” White with off-white is being utilized to create peaceful master bedrooms, and back-to-nature green is being used to revitalize many rooms. It also creates a nice backdrop to warm wood tones. Gray, a prominent color choice in 2016, will stick around for 2017. You’ll see more shades of the serene color. It’s the perfect complement to a full spectrum of other shades, from bold reds to mellow yellows. Look for taupe to make a breakthrough this year. Many people love it’s warm, weathered, and woodsy tone for bringing a sense of harmony into the home.  


Bronze is a metal that warms up any space, so expect to see plenty of it. It complements a multitude of decorating styles and people love it in lighting, vases, accessories, and decorative bowls for the kitchen or dining area. Satin brass finishes have recently been making a comeback. Their muted gold tones work with a rainbow of colors and bring an elegant look to bathrooms and a classy style to kitchens. Matte appliances and accessories are taking the place of lustrous or glossy surfaces. They add a wonderful depth to your kitchen’s composition and are a great counterpoint to other finishes in the room.

Unexpected Materials

Cerused wood – a technique that brings out a wood’s grain – is showing up in more homes. Once considered high end, you’ll now see it on cabinets, tables, chairs, and storage furniture. Subway tiles aren’t a new idea, but they’re being used to greater effect this year. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes. Some homeowners are choosing a dark grout to give a tiled backsplash a more graphic look.  

Lifestyle Homes

There are two elements driving a lot of design choices this year: healthfulness and a longing for a sense of community. Families want their homes to be a place they can both unwind and reconnect. Look for spaces that encourage play, like putting greens or bocce courts. The pervasiveness of home technology has resulted in homeowners looking for materials that convey warmth. Natural cork is filling the bill this year. The renewable material is being used for a variety of surfaces. Easy to stain and maintain, it’s also resistant to mold, mildew, water, termites, and fire. What’s not to love?

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As with all home design trends, the bottom line for you as a homeowner is to choose styles, colors, and materials that you love. Whether you’re starting from scratch or redecorating after a remodel, decorating your home should be fun! If you’re ready to build a new home or are looking to remodel the one you have, Foley Development Group has what it takes to get you from vision to reality.