Is Your Great Falls Home Missing a Powder Room

Is Your Great Falls Home Missing a Powder Room?

Is Your Home Missing a Powder Room?

Is your Great Falls home an empty nest? Have the kids gone off to college or on a round-the-world trip before they start their new career. If this is you then you may be looking to renovate or remodel your home; make it more relevant to you and spend a little of your hard-earned dollars on the kind of home you really want.

In that case why not take a look at the latest must-have to hit the US – powder rooms. Okay, this may not be a completely new idea – after all powder rooms have been around in one form or another for some time. But for those of you looking to upgrade your smallest bathroom, or maybe even a spare closet (unused now the kids have moved out all their stuff!) now is the time to indulge your inner Hollywood and design your Great Falls powder room exactly in the way you want it.

Any Style, Any Design – the Choice is Yours

Many homeowners tend to allocate the powder room as a guest bathroom. Whether you want to do this or if you want to keep the new addition all to yourself the choice is yours. Either way there are some truly sensational ideas out there for all budgets and the only design limit is your imagination!

Why not go for the whole vintage Hollywood look with rich colors, gilt-edged full length mirrors and luxurious guest toiletries. Or what about a Mediterranean feel with Hacienda-inspired décor and mosaic or mother-of-pearl tiling. Perhaps art deco is more your thing in which case a classic black and white theme will make an absolutely stunning impact. If you are thinking in terms of adding resale value to your home then a contemporary, modern design is the way to play it safe. Mosaic splash-back tiling in muted colors with a stylish glass sink and sleek cabinetry never goes out of style and always makes a positive impact.

The point we’re trying to make here is that your smallest room doesn’t have to have the biggest budget but you can absolutely push the boat out when it comes to impressing your guests. After all – you have a smaller than usual space to fill so you could maybe spend a little more in the knowledge that it isn’t going to cost you as much as it would to re-model a full sized bathroom.

Pay extra attention to your choice of lighting, too.

If your guests are to be impressed then the lighting has to be just right – not too bright that they need to wear shades to visit the bathroom and not too dim that they can’t find their way out again! Subtle lighting from a couple of wall sconces will illuminate the room in just the right way.

And don’t forget to add shelving for your guests to use; somewhere to place a wristwatch or jewelry for safekeeping is a thoughtful touch.

Look Around for Inspiration

Websites like Pinterest and Houzz are good places to start if you’re stuck for ideas. Why not make a start today on creating a powder room that will have your guests green with envy!  At Foley, we love designing and remodeling homes with great style in mind. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you add that perfect powder room to your next remodel. We also invite you to download our free guide, Top 10 Reasons to Choose Foley to learn more about who we are and what we offer.