Impress Your Friends With These 5 Tips To Choose The Best Finishing Selections

Impress Your Friends With These 5 Tips To Choose The Best Finishing Selections

Making the best finishing selections for your home can seem complex and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.   In fact, choosing finishing selections can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your home design process.  You can add luxury or comfort, and infuse your own personal design flair.  Lets look at some key things to keep in mind when choosing your finishing selections.

What You Don’t Need To Worry About

So many choices, so little time!  What kind of lumber or what plumbing fixtures are best?  One of the benefits of working with an experienced builder is that you can rely on a well-experienced guide to take the messiness and guesswork out of choosing those finishings that are necessary to put the home together. How the drywall will be glued and screwed, for instance, can be best left to the builder. With this guidance, you can eliminate worry and focus on making your new home the best it can be.

Standard Features

These are included with the purchase price of every home, and vary from builder to builder, but it is very simple for your team to present you with a detailed list of these items.  It will include several key design elements like window and door size, flooring selections, cabinet design, appliance selections, and lighting fixtures.  Reviewing will give you a wealth of important information that will assist your finishing selection process.

Upgrades and Options

Your builder can also provide an alternate list of upgrades and options.  Selections should be based on your personal tastes, lifestyle choices, and your overall project budget.  Another helpful tip is to remember that success leaves clues.  Your builder can illuminate popular choices for other homes in your style-type, budget, or neighborhood, and you can select even more effortlessly from these smaller lists.

The Budget Stage

An important element to keep track of is your project budget.  Sharing your budget ceiling with your building team at the start of the process will allow them to present you with the best choices that will get the most impactful return on your investment.  A builder simplifies this stage by creating a dedicated mapping of various finishing areas.  Discussing these areas one at a time with your builder will lead to a strong establishment of your finishing budget, and will give the team key information from which to prepare your finishing selection design list.

The Final Stage

In this stage, your building team will bring you a short list of finishing selections that match your needs and budget.  In some cases a nearby showroom design center will have viewable samples on hand.  Once your final finishing selections are made, they can be seamlessly incorporated into your home design.

Making The Right Finishing Choices

Mastering the finishing selection process with the help of a builder is an enjoyable process that will bring your new home to vibrant life.  Take heed of these five key steps, and you’ll be enjoying your beautiful home in no time!