How To Spruce Up Your Fall Kitchen With New Colors, Storage Ideas, and Materials

It’s Not Too Late: How To Spruce Up Your Fall Kitchen With New Colors, Storage Ideas, and Materials

Summer’s a fond memory and we’ve officially entered into fall, so now’s the perfect time to introduce your kitchen to the beautiful colors and textures that give autumn its cozy reputation. It’s the perfect season for bringing nature indoors. Displays of fresh fall gourds, collected acorns and gorgeous snips from colorful trees all add a simple elegance to kitchen islands, shelves and counters. Here are some other great ways to add rich colors, new materials and inspired storage ideas to your fall kitchen.

Rich Textural Elements Reflect the Season

rose gold kitchen













One doesn’t tend to think of metal as a warm material, but using a touch of brass or rose gold in the form of fixtures, cabinet pulls or appliance handles can do so much to add an inviting atmosphere to your fall kitchen. As these gorgeous fixtures from Dornbracht show, there’s no need to worry – these are not your blast from the past fixtures circa 1988! They also mix perfectly with stainless steel and the cooler kitchen palettes so popular right now.

If you’ve always loved the idea of marble in the kitchen, but feared the stains this porous stone absorbs such as red wine, olive oil and yes, even water, there are now quartz replicas that are incredibly realistic. They’re offered by all the major quartz manufacturers and let you get a classic look that’s as durable as it is beautiful.

Mirrors are a wonderful way to create a stunning interior space as they spread light and reflect the outdoors into your home’s interior. They add an inviting aesthetic to your kitchen all year long, but even more so during this gorgeous changing leaves season. Consider adding a mirrored backsplash above a countertop that faces a window. Adding a mirrored cabinet door or two is a quick change that doesn’t need to be permanent.

mirrors in kitchen

Remember, the best choices you make are those that speak to your personal style. Define “classic,” “traditional,” or “modern” your own way and decorate accordingly. You’ll experience a sense of satisfaction and joy every time you enter your fall kitchen and that feeling will reflect back onto your family and guests.

New Season, New Look

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Fall brings to mind pumpkins, turkeys and warm baked bread and pies. To welcome the new season and start preparing for the holidays, give your kitchen a few updates that will get you in the spirit.

  • Stock up on the legumes, beans and grains you’ll need for those hearty fall dishes. Instead of hiding them behind the pantry door, use vintage style glass jars to store them on a counter or shelf.
  • Pick up some glass mason jars. Yes, they’re all the rage right now for sipping everything from tea to bourbon, but they’re also perfect for their intended use of canning delicious fruits and veggies.
  • Is there anything more inviting than a pot of hot tea shared between friends in the kitchen? Besides being a great way to keep you warm, there are beautiful wooden tea bag boxes that are inexpensive yet look lovely sitting on a counter or island.

Fall All Year Long

If you want to choose a palette that embraces fall but will work for more than one season, think rich oranges, vibrant reds, and deep browns and golds. Nature’s true colors always work year-round. If you want a less permanent look, choose floral arrangements, seat cushions, and pillows or throw blankets in one or all of these shades.

Décor Swaps for a Great Fall Look

Other small changes you can make include switching out accessories for those with a fall theme. Use fall kitchen towels in warm fall colors or that sport seasonal motifs like Indian corn or pumpkins. Bring out the Thanksgiving inspired salt and pepper shakers and fridge magnets. The possibilities are truly limitless!