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How To Plan a Room Addition in Northern VA

Perhaps it’s time for that new master suite you’ve always dreamed about. Or maybe you have a growing family that no longer fits in your tiny kitchen. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided the time is now for adding some much needed square footage to your home.

If you’re a Northern VA homeowner thinking about building an addition to your home, it can be an excellent, cost-effective option that is tailor-made to your family’s needs. Many of our clients love the homes and the neighborhoods they live in, but need more space. A house addition is a major undertaking, so it’s important to plan ahead in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Before You Begin

It can be exciting and fun to begin the design process of an addition, but hold off committing to any particular aspirations before asking yourself these questions.

  • Do you really need an addition, or will a remodel do? Are you best served by a combination of the two?
  • Does the addition add value to your home? Not just for resale purposes, added value also helps you refinance or take out a home equity line of credit. Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report will give you a good idea of how much value an addition will add to your home.
  • Are there any zoning and/or permit restrictions you need to consider? Your design build firm can help you find out.
  • Are your design ideas financially sound? Every family’s wish list is different, but discuss the costs of those wishes with an experienced builder. Don’t forget about added utility costs and increased property taxes.
  • Will your addition tie into the overall architectural style of your home? Think about rooflines, interior and exterior finishes, windows, etc. An experienced design build firm will help you create the best possible plan.

Planning a Room Addition in Northern VA

There are four basic steps you can use as guide when planning your room addition in Northern VA.

  1. Make your wish list by identifying your key objectives such as traffic flow or indoor/outdoor access. Look for inspiration in magazines, on TV shows and online. Narrow down your special features – start out with everything you’d like and then pare it back to meet your budget.
  2. Think about the structure of your addition. For example, will a single addition or multiple small ones best meet your needs? Is it best to build up or out?
  3. Hire the right professionals for the scale and scope of your project. You want a team that will professionally and courteously complete your project to your desired specifications. Consider building your winning team by using a design build firm that can provide you a complete package of services that include design consultation, drawings, 3D visualizations, and project management.
  4. Choose the right materials that blend seamlessly with your original structure. Selecting the right details and finishes should be planned out in the initial stages if you want to get the maximum impact out of the completed project. An experienced design team has the knowledge and expertise you need to make the choices that best complement your home’s existing style.

The Bottom Line

Planning a room addition in Northern VA that meets your family’s needs is a big undertaking, but if you develop a well-thought-out strategy ahead of time, it will pay for itself many times over. Best of all, your family will have a new space to enjoy for many years to come. Schedule a conversation with us today to learn more about how Foley can add the perfect addition to your home.