How Custom Home Design Costs Can Spin Out of Control

How Custom Home Design Costs Can Spin Out of Control

Building your dream home is one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors you’ll ever undertake. As the economy continues to improve, luxury custom home building is booming in the country’s highest-end neighborhoods. It’s fun to anticipate living in the home you’ve always envisioned, but the road from dream to reality is complex. A custom home designer brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table, making sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

At Foley Development Group, the process for building custom homes ensures client satisfaction because we understand and handle the entire range of services required to keep your custom design costs on track. Between finding the land you build on to interior finishing touches, there’s land development, a budget, home plans, specifications and financing. The team you hire includes the designer, builder, subcontractors, and interior decorator. Mix in scheduling and change orders, and it’s easy to see how custom home design costs might spin out of control.

Obtaining Home Plans

Once your land is obtained and financing is in place, it’s time to find the right professional to draw up plans. While you might think the best choice is hiring an architect, consider the advantages offered by a custom design builder like Foley Development Group. Because we understand and are involved in the entire build process, you’ll save time and money by not having to scrap an architect’s plans that a builder later determines can’t be built on your lot.

Pitfalls That Can Happen

The more complex a process, the more pitfalls along the way. Boil them down and you’ll find they fall into two major categories – communication and money. Failure to communicate with experts during the custom design process can result in a myriad of scheduling and design cost overruns. As plans move from paper to the build, it’s a good idea to expect changes, but you don’t need to be blindsided by financial hits due to poor planning or forgotten line items. The more you know at the start about plans, bids, estimates and the subcontractors on your team, the more control you will have over custom home design factors, including overruns.

Factors Affecting Home Design Costs

Some items you may not immediately think pertain to budgeting for custom home design costs include the land price, utilities, architectural fees, construction costs, and landscaping and paving expenses. Broker fees, mortgage interest and taxes should also be added into your budget.

Questions To Consider

As you consider using a custom home builder for your new home, ask yourself these questions. What is a fair price? What kind of firm am I dealing with? What is their experience in my location? What level of quality does my budget support?

The custom home process is a critical step in the journey to realizing your dream home, but we understand you are eager to actually begin building that home. Let Foley Development Group’s professionalism, experience and creativity start turning your dream into a reality today.