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Great Falls Area Custom Home Building: What’s the Right Size For You?

Who hasn’t heard the tale of Goldilocks? Faced with multiple choices, she had a hard time making up her mind between little, middle and great. That’s how some homeowners feel when custom building their new home. There was a time that a custom built home meant “McMansion” to a lot of people, but today it’s more about lifestyle and customized features. If you’re considering building a custom home in Great Falls, its size should be based on what creates the perfect space for your family.

The “Right” Size Custom Home

Whether to build larger, smaller, or somewhere in between can usually be decided by considering some issues that all custom design builds involve, no matter what the size:

  • Present & Future Needs. Step one is to realistically figure out how much space your family needs right now – and how much you’ll actually use on a regular basis. Will each child have their own bedroom? Would you like a home office that can double as a guest bedroom? Does the family spend a lot of time together in the kitchen and living areas? Do you love to entertain? Now think about future needs. Are you just starting a family? Then you might need to plan bigger, even if you won’t be using the space right away. Or maybe you’d rather have a bigger yard for the kids when they arrive.
  • Your Budget. Once you’ve determined which layout best suits your needs, it’s time to calculate how much home you can afford. Budget is one of the top considerations when building your Great Falls area custom home. Because there is no set list price when you custom build, it’s up to you to determine the budget that makes sense. Our process walks you through the most common questions about building a new home, including what items you need to budget for. More square footage almost always means a higher budget, as do high-end finishes, furnishings, and fixtures. And don’t forget, the bigger the house, the higher the upkeep and utility bills. If the goal is to end up with a great investment and sense of comfort and financial security, then tailor your plan to meet those needs. And don’t forget to include the lot in your budget.
  • Your Family’s Needs. There are times that bigger truly is better. It’s smart to plan for changing needs, whether that means more space for the kids as they grow, or room for an elderly parent to move in down the road. Does it make sense to build somewhat bigger now and avoid having to add on in the future? Don’t confuse building for the future with building beyond your financial means. That only applies if you’re building more than your budget affords.

The Choice is Yours

What size custom home to build is ultimately your decision – each has its benefits and drawbacks. Working with a design build team you can trust will always make the process more enjoyable and successful. At Foley, our three decades of experience have helped us develop a custom home building process that lets us work with you to create a warm and inviting family home. From start to finish, we handle the entire construction project, making sure it goes smoothly and stays on schedule and budget.

We’ll help you make important decisions, troubleshoot issues that pop up, and help you get the most from your budget. Most importantly, we’ll show you how thinking about your family’s needs for today and tomorrow helps you design a floorplan that functions for years. We invite you to download our free guide listing the top 10 reason to choose Foley. We’d love to help you build a home that’s neither too big nor too small, but just right for your family.