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Finding the Ideal Building Lot for Your New Fairfax County Home

Building a new custom home is very exciting. You will finally get to have the home of your dreams with the layout, design, and features you want. But first, you’ll need to find a place to build it, and that’s not always an easy task.

Eight Easy Ways to Find Your Ideal Building Lot

Not all lots are suitable for building, but if you apply these helpful tips and approaches, you just might find the perfect plot.

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1. Start Your Search in Established Neighborhoods

You might not immediately find a buildable lot in your preferred neighborhood, but that’s as good a place to start as any. Established neighborhoods might not have a lot of empty lots. However, you might find a tear-down or a larger lot that has been severed. At any rate, this is the best place to start because if you do find something, it will be a short search.

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2. Check Out Online Maps

Online maps and satellite images allow you to peruse potential building locations remotely. Take advantage of Google Street View; while the images are not in real-time, they are high-quality, and you can cruise around the neighborhood to check out what’s there. Street View is also a great advantage if you are looking to build in another city as you can narrow down your choices without having to visit in person.

3. Get to Know the Local Area

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Going into such a significant undertaking, it’s always a good idea to gather as much information as possible about the area you’re looking at. The more you know about your preferred area, the easier it will be to choose a plot that will meet your needs.

Search beyond the local population and demographics; find out about building codes, the permit process, and other requirements before you make an offer. Knowing details that could impact your plans in advance might save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation. If the process seems too complicated for any reason, you can cut your losses and move on to the next candidate. 

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4. View Online Land Listings

Checking online land listings is a great way to find building lots. Whether or not you know where you want to build, check online land listings regularly. This will give you an idea of land values in certain areas and how the market is performing. It will also provide access to land deals like power-of-sale, land auctions, and foreclosures that could be highly advantageous for you.

Also, when you are browsing these types of listings, you won’t have to scroll through listings for houses so it might save you a bit of time. Seek out websites that specialize in vacant land and building sites for best results.

5. Talk to Local Contractors

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Builders who are active in your desired area are an excellent resource when it comes to locating a building lot. Contractors have a vast network of professional connections, and they may even know about land that’s for sale before it’s even listed. Also, some builders will purchase lots to build new houses on, so this is another avenue to pursue.

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6. Talk to People

It never hurts to put it out there that you’re looking for a building lot. The more people that know, the more likely it is that someone will have a tip or an idea you can follow up on. One of these people might even know a friend or relative who has a lot that they haven’t yet listed. Tell your neighbors, coworkers, and all your friends that you’re looking. You might be surprised what comes your way.

7. See What Other People are Doing

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If you are building for commercial purposes or as an investment, check with other developers and investors to see where they are buying. If you notice a lot of new development going on in a particular area, you’ll know the place is up-and-coming and that the lots are largely buildable.

8. Speak to a Real Estate Agent

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Not all agents focus on vacant land, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Though it might be a little more costly than finding lots on your own, the process is more expedient because you’re leveraging their time and connections. Just make sure you use an agent that has some experience with land sales.

In conclusion, the process of finding a suitable building lot can be complicated! Not all lots are buildable, and the search process itself can be overwhelming at the best of times. As an experienced custom home builder in Fairfax County, Foley is always ready to help. Reach out today to schedule a conversation, and let’s see where it takes us.

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