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Fairfax County Renovations: What Do You Want From Your Master Bath Remodel?

Times have changed. People change, as do their needs and wants. Technology, techniques, building materials – all of these things have evolved considerably, keeping the renovation business lively, design-focused, and exciting!

However, one thing that hasn’t changed much is what people want from their master bathroom remodel. Adapting to stages of life, getting more functionality, adding new conveniences, and making the most out of available space are still the top reasons Fairfax County homeowners decide to remodel their master bathroom.

While most of our clients tend to keep the original footprint of the room, some choose to open up walls and enlarge the space. Reclaiming a hall closet or underutilized space in a spare bedroom are just a couple of the strategies we leverage to deliver on your vision.

Some of the conversations we will have revolve around whether the current layout is working for you, and if the fixtures themselves—tub, shower, vanity, storage—are supporting your lifestyle.

Trends in Master Bathroom Renovations

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Trends in master bath remodels have not changed a whole lot over the years. People often want to get rid of their tub in favor of a larger shower, but some choose a freestanding tub. Multiple shower jets or double shower heads are popular, and double vanities are pretty standard.

Essentially, what people usually want out of their master bath remodel is an upgraded space that stands out from the rest of the bathrooms in the home. For example, you may choose to tile the master bathroom, setting it apart from your hall bathroom or powder room, which is not tiled.

Other popular requests include:

  •     Universal design, like walk-in or curbless showers, shower benches, grab rails, and “comfort height” vanities and toilets.
  •     Working within the existing footprint but rearranging the features without changing the plumbing.
  •     Expanding into the space occupied by the tub. Sometimes this is challenging, however, because many homes of a certain era were designed with a large window over the tub, making it difficult to build a shower there.
  •     Drawers over cupboards in vanities.
  •     Recessed medicine cabinets and niches.
  •     Smart mirrors, lighted mirrors, built-in screens, and connected technology.
  •     LED lighting.
  •     Under-floor heating.
  •     Quieter bath fans, or fans on a timer that shut off automatically.

Heated Floors

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There is nothing like the feel of a warm floor under your feet on a cold day. During a master bath renovation, we are often redoing the floor with tile, so it’s the perfect time to install radiant under-floor heating.

Alternately, there is a fantastic flooring product by Armstrong called Alterna. Alterna is an engineered flooring product that retains warmth, so it’s much more comfortable to walk on than any other kind of tile. Alterna tile is also easy to care for, and it comes in many styles, sizes, colors, and finishes to complement your décor.

Master Bath Design Trends


Beyond the essentials, it’s the design elements you choose that are the icing on the cake. There are many details you can add that will ramp up the results, making your master bath a luxurious indulgence you will enjoy for many years to come.

Design, colors, textures, and other décor can tie the project together and still be functional. Some of the design details you might consider include:

  •     Pocket doors to maximize space.
  •     Frameless showers add a sleek, modern look.
  •     Custom cabinetry and hardware punctuates your personal style, whether it’s modern, traditional, or vintage.
  •     Natural stone shower panels over tile lend a seamless look.
  •     Marble or granite countertops for your vanity.
  •     Steam showers and therapy tubs to help you relax your cares away.

Choosing Colors for Your Master Bathroom


Selecting a color palette that is either relaxing or invigorating completes the picture, adding a touch of your personality and also creating an atmosphere of its own.

For example, black and grey are very popular as they invoke formality, dignity, and luxury.

Green is fresh and natural, lending a sense of the outdoors.

Orange is aspirational, light-hearted, and surprisingly versatile when punctuated with black or white.

Blue is calming and peaceful, evoking ocean breezes while inspiring the imagination.

White, ever-popular in the master bath, is clean, pure, radiant, and peaceful.

Ultimately, your master bath renovation should be about form and function. The great news is that today, we have access to an almost endless selection of beautiful, useful fixtures and choices that are both highly functional and easy on the eyes.

When you’re ready to start talking about your master bathroom renovation, we’re ready to listen! Reach out today to learn more about how we can help.

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