Fairfax County Neighborhood Feature Falls Church

Fairfax County Neighborhood Feature: Falls Church

Falls Church, known by locals as “The Little City” is filled with charm and history. It offers abundant Civil War stories for history buffs, is home to some of the area’s best boutique shopping and restaurants, and is a place many people love and are proud to call home. A dynamic and thriving urban village community, it offers residents top-notch professional services, some of the best schools in the country, and a number of ways to get civically involved in their Falls Church neighborhood.

A Closer Look at Falls Church, VA

Just a little more than a 20-minute commute from Washington, D.C., Falls Church is a 2.2 square mile independently incorporated city with a population of approximately 15,000. The greater Falls Church area includes parts of Arlington and Fairfax Counties. Residents are highly educated and have the highest median income in the country. Community involvement – particularly environmental activism – and a healthy lifestyle are important to the people who live here. Each year the city holds a popular Memorial Day parade and its Farmers Market is held every Saturday year-round.

History and Location

Falls Church dates to the late 1600s. An early Colonial settlement that was shared with Native Americans, the community was established around the Episcopalian Falls Church. It became a township in 1875 and an independent city in 1948, when parents banded together to establish its still highly-acclaimed school system. Today, the public schools spend over $17,000 per student per year (the U.S. average is slightly over $12,000).

The Mary Riley Styles Public Library has a local history room with much more information about the city’s storied past. Easily accessed by Routes 50 and 66, Falls Church also has 2 Metro stations and a number of bus routes.

A Homey Vibe

Next to some of its more bustling neighbors, the Falls Church downtown core can have a certain “frozen in time” feel to it. But residents like that their local establishments have a bit of flavor to them and would argue the city is constantly growing, but working to retain the charm that its reputation is built on. The people who live here love the city’s homey vibe, but enthusiastically welcome change as long as it respects and reflects how the community views itself. There are several mixed-use projects in the works that will complement the downtown pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

There’s a wide range of ethnic eateries, including Afghan, Bolivian, Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese, as well as popular drinking establishments like the Mad Fox Brewing Company, which also offers live entertainment. The State Theater, is the D.C. metro area’s best live music club, and for a real retro evening out, there’s an old-school bowling alley right off Broad Street.

The People Who Live Here

Over 95% of the workforce in Falls Church is employed in white-collar jobs. Many people who live here work in management, business, and financial occupations, as well as computer, science and math. But it’s also a city filled with artists. In fact, Falls Church has more people working in arts and media than 90% of American’s communities. Without a doubt, its artist population has a profound effect on the city’s character.

Falls Church Housing

Every Falls Church neighborhood is a treasure in its own way, with shops and restaurants reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of the area. Housing here, too, is varied. The downtown core has few single-family homes, so the area is mostly populated by single or married without children young professionals.

The city’s 31 residential neighborhoods include Baileys Crossroads, Idylwood, Jefferson, Lake Barcroft, Pimmit Hills, Seven Corners, and Sleepy Hollow. Home prices are not only among the most expensive in Virginia, real estate here also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America.

Remodeling Your Falls Church Home

Falls Church is a well-located, family-friendly city with great schools and civic-minded residents. It’s a relaxing oasis in the middle of the D.C. metro area’s ever-growing and changing environment. If you’re ready to remodel your Falls Church home, why not schedule an in-home consultation with us today? We’d love to help you build the home you’ve always dreamed of.