Fairfax County Home Remodeling Contractors: What Does Being the Best Really Mean?

A good contractor is like a good mechanic, dentist, or doctor: find the right one and you’ll have a home remodeling partner for years to come. Just like the other people you now go to regularly for checkups, tune-ups, or repairs, finding the best home remodeling contractor can take some time. Choosing the right one, though, is a crucial remodeling step.

Whether you’re looking to do a whole house, bathroom, or kitchen remodel, here’s how to know you’re getting the best remodeling contractor for the job.

What Makes a Home Remodeling Contractor the “Best?”

The best home remodeling contractors inspire trust: they know you are inviting a stranger into your home, asking them to make major changes, and relying on them to deliver as promised. There are five essential qualities you should look for if you want to increase your odds of finding a trustworthy remodeling contractor.

1. They’re local. The closer to home a remodeling contractor is, the more important it becomes to maintain a great reputation. Good local contractors live in the community with their clients and consider it an honor to help them realize their remodeling dreams.

2. They have a portfolio of work. We live in a visual world and photos are the best way to quickly gauge a contractor’s style and commitment to quality. A contractor’s portfolio should also inspire you and make you feel the remodel you have in mind is possible.

3. They provide references. References build trust and credibility. Testimonials, reviews, videos, and other online mentions like Houzz reviews, are also important. The best home remodeling contractors will provide you with a list of clients you can contact to ask questions and get feedback about their experience.

4. They have a process. From initial consultation to final walkthrough, the best remodeling contractor will detail the process they use for small and large remodeling projects, as well as new home construction and home additions. Clients usually know what they want, but they’re not well-versed on how to accomplish it. A proven process provides you with a sense of comfort and understanding that the contractor has the experience and expertise to complete your project.

At Foley Development, our process includes the budget, scope of project, existing home analysis, plan philosophy and design, specifications, and more. We believe this process makes the overall remodeling process a smoother and more enjoyable one for our clients.

5. The put a value on communication. Inefficient communication between people working on your remodeling project can be one of the biggest barriers to its successful completion. If you want great results, you need a contractor who excels at keeping your project on time and on budget. We’ve done enough projects to know that the key to meeting those goals is good communication. The design build process encourages clear, open, and continual communication from the start. Builder and designer work together in a well-rounded, effective manner that keeps the lines of communication open between them and the client.

Northern Virginia Home Remodeling Contractors

Foley Development is a family-owned business with a real understanding of the communities we serve, including local construction practices, rules, and regulations. We live in the neighborhoods we serve and consider our clients our friends. We’re invested in giving you a personalized remodeling experience that emphasizes value, quality work, and personal integrity.

What makes Foley one of the best home remodeling contractors in Fairfax County? We believe it’s our service-focused design build process, professionalism, and expertise. Most importantly, our people share one common goal: to make your home remodeling vision come to life while making the experience an enjoyable and stress-free one.

Want to learn more about choosing the best home remodeling contractor and why we believe we should be your first choice? Schedule a conversation with us today to talk about your family’s remodeling needs and desires. We look forward to working with you!