guest bedroom

Don’t Overlook The Guest Bedroom In Your Great Falls Home

A beautiful guest room can be a wonderful addition to your Great Falls home. But far too often guest bedrooms get the short end of the stick. Mismatched furniture, abandoned exercise equipment and bedspreads and draperies from another era all come together to create a room that is less than inviting, let alone comfortable. Whether you’re thinking of building a room addition or remodeling a space you already have, you can easily create a place guests love to stay, turning that neglected guest room into a relaxing retreat.

A Great Night’s Sleep

Don’t outfit the room with a cheap mattress. If you wouldn’t sleep on the bed, why torture your guests? Invest in a good quality mattress, high-thread-count sheets, and a beautiful duvet. Add a spare blanket at the foot of the bed, and pile on a lot of fluffy pillows. Make sure there’s a pillow for every taste – flat, down, foam, etc. Dress the windows for sleeping in! Blinds, roller shades or blackout drapes will all help block out early morning sunlight so your guests can catch a few extra winks.

The Luggage Spot

Take some inspiration from hotels and save your guests the hassle of having to rifle through their suitcases on the floor. Invest in a sturdy folding luggage stand, or put a long bench at the foot of the bed. If there’s room, use both, which is particularly helpful if there’s more than one guest.

A Bedtime Story

Whether it’s a full wall of bestsellers, or a small bookcase of classics, offer your guests an interesting assortment of books and magazines to read. Add bedside lamps or reading lights with non-glare bulbs.

A Place to Hang a Hat

Make it easy for your guests to hang up purses, nightclothes, and robes on the back of the door. And be sure to have a good supply of hangers in the closet, including the clip ones for pants.

The Perfect Nightstand

Yes, lots of people now use their mobile device as an alarm clock, but it’s nice to place a small clock on the bedside table. Other considerate touches include a carafe for water, a bowl to hold small items such as jewelry, and an easy to use lamp. Fresh flowers and fruit such as apples are also thoughtful.

Just Like Home

Choose an attractive basket and stock it with guest towels and washcloths, a robe, and an extra blanket or two. That way your guests don’t have to go rummaging through closets or drawers looking for them. Take another cue from hotels and put together a small basket of toiletries and other items guests may have forgotten: toothpaste, emery boards, hair spray, and small bottles of lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. A small hair dryer is also often appreciated.

A Beautiful Reflection

Include at least one full length mirror, either inside the closet or behind the bathroom door. Make sure there’s at least one mirror that receives good lighting for makeup application.

What makes a guest room special? A feeling of warmth and welcome blended together with convenience and comfort. Design your home’s guest room with the same care as you would your own personal bedroom. And then give it a test run yourself. Spend a night in your guest room to gauge its comfort level. If something doesn’t feel right to you, you can bet your visitors will feel the same. In the end, all it takes it a little extra planning to make your guests feel right at home.

If you’re considering a room addition or adding a guest bedroom to your custom home, feel free to reach out to schedule a conversation with us.