Do You Need a Permit for Your Kitchen Remodel in Northern VA? Probably.

Do you need a permit if you’re “simply” remodeling your kitchen? A lot depends on the work you want to have done. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of picking out new flooring, countertops, and appliances, it’s important to remember that most Northern VA kitchen remodels do, in fact, require a permit before you can begin work.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn they must obtain a permit first, but many, if not nearly all, kitchen remodels or renovations require three permits: building, mechanical, and electrical.

Permits are a required to ensure your kitchen remodel is safe and up to code. By obtaining the proper permits up front, you ensure your remodeling project is a fully-sanctioned success and avoid any future safety, legal, or resale problems.

Kitchen Remodel Permits in Fairfax County

In Fairfax County, a permit is required for most new residential construction. For a kitchen remodel a permit is required when:

  • It involves a home addition and/or movement of a lot line.
  • There are any interior alterations, except for new flooring, carpeting, paint, and/or trim work. Altering existing walls or building new ones always requires a permit. So, too, does installing a door or skylight. Expanding or putting in new windows? A permit is required for that, as well.
  • New and/or replacement gas or electric appliances are installed.
  • New and/or replacement HVAC equipment is installed.
  • Any type of electrical work requires a permit, including updating to GFCI outlets that are distanced according to current building codes.
  • Installing new plumbing fixtures or ventilation. Design plans that include installing, reconstructing, repairing, or otherwise altering any of your home’s ventilation, plumbing, or gas work requires a mechanical permit. This includes things like changing the location of your sink, etc.

A permit is not required if you’re simply replacing kitchen cabinets, repainting, changing the countertops, replacing existing windows, installing a new appliance in the same location, or installing a new sink in the same location without modifying the plumbing line.

Keep in mind that most interior remodeling projects in Northern VA also require that your home’s entire smoke detection system be up to code, unless you are installing an outdoor kitchen.

Obtaining a Permit

You may be required to submit building plans to obtain a permit in Fairfax County. These plans must be designed in accordance with the current building code and local design criteria. A site-related plan may also be required depending on the land disturbance activity of the construction on your property.

Every kitchen remodel is unique. At Foley, we’ll help you determine which permits are needed and take care of the entire permitting process for you before construction begins, including filing the paperwork, collecting fees, and meeting with inspectors..

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At Foley, we believe the custom design-build process includes helping you navigate these challenging waters, steering you clear of tricky or challenging obstacles. From walking the lot, obtaining permits, scheduling inspections and applying for field changes, we’re with you every step of the way towards realizing the completion of your dream kitchen.

If you’re thinking of undertaking a kitchen remodeling project for your Northern VA home, we encourage you to schedule a conversation with us today. Our experienced design-build team is available to discuss your ideas and help you develop and design permit-ready plans for the new space you’re looking to create. We’ll make sure your kitchen remodel is not only highly functional and beautiful, but also compliant with local building ordinances. We look forward to hearing from you!