Cost of a Garage Renovation in Northern VA

Cost of a Garage Renovation in Northern VA

Did you know there’s a way to add on to your home without building an addition? If you’re in need of some extra living space, converting your garage may be just the answer. To be sure there are pros and cons to such a decision, such as moving your cars from indoor protection to outdoors exposure, but the upside is an extra 600 square feet or more to use for work or play. And the cost of a garage renovation in Northern Virginia is far below that of building a new space.

What’s Involved

Converting your garage into additional living space can improve both the resale value of your home and your quality of life. But even though a garage remodel is less costly than a new addition, it’s not a job to tackle on the cheap. A typical quality conversion takes four to six weeks to complete and will include:

  • Raising the height of the floor to allow for insulation over the concrete slab
  • Possibly opening up the wall between your house and garage
  • Full insulation of the ceiling and walls
  • An electrical upgrade
  • Installing heating and cooling, either by adding a ductless system or tying into your home’s main system
  • Adding windows and doors
  • Replacing existing garage doors

What It Will Cost

All things considered, because a garage already has walls, a foundation and roof, you will spend about half of what you’d spend for a brand new addition.

In Northern Virginia, the average cost of a garage renovation according to HomeAdvisor members is about $16,000, with a high of $30,000 reported. Of course, your final cost will depend on how you intend to use your new space. An office conversion will likely cost less than a new media room. One feature that will add an additional $15,000 or more to your budget is a bathroom.

Other options that will affect your final price are the finishing materials you choose. For example, carpet and laminate flooring will be less expensive, while hardwood will add to the bottom line. The original concrete is the least expensive of all.

Maintaining Curb Appeal

If you want your renovation to look like it was always a living space, you’ll need to eliminate any of the features that scream “garage.” Accomplish this by eliminating any evidence of the old doors and openings, install windows that carry through from the rest of your home, and think about adding rooftop design elements, such as dormer windows.

Choose Foley Development

If after weighing the pros, cons, costs and logistics of converting your home’s garage into living space, you’ve decided it’s the right choice for your family, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.  

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