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Bathroom Wall Décor for Your Northern Virginia Home

When it comes to decorating your home, you may find yourself hemming and hawing over every little detail. We get it; appearances matter! But are you putting the same kind of consideration into how you decorate your bathroom? Admittedly, the bathroom probably flies under the radar most of the time. It’s a private spot, and guests typically don’t spend a lot of time there. But who said decorating is just for guests?

Your bathroom is your personal space—one where you spend time getting ready for the day ahead and preparing yourself for sleep. And bathrooms aren’t just the water closets of days gone by; today, they’re a place to relax, unwind, and practice self-care. Decorate for yourself! Why not make your bathroom a space you want to spend time in? 

Bathroom Wall Décor That Wows

To help you turn your bathroom from blah to ahhh, we’ve assembled some of our favorite tips for decorating and design. Take a peek and see if any of these stylish suggestions appeal to your sensibilities.

Printed Paradise

Image from PInterest

Image from PInterest

If you feel like your bathroom lacks color or visual interest, why not spice things up with printed wallpaper? But what about spills and splashes, you ask? Good question. Bathrooms are notorious for water damage, which means that you’re right to be concerned about putting up wallpaper. Not to worry, though! There are plenty of amazing options designed with bathrooms in mind. Take, for instance, these waterproof wallpapers available from Archiproducts or these stylish, durable designs from Graham & Brown.

If you love the idea of a trendy print in your bathroom but are concerned you might end up with a result that looks faddish and outdated, never fear – peel-and-stick wallpaper is here! Check out these fun and funky woven peel-and-stick textiles on Spoonflower or the vast array of options available on Etsy that let you change your style whenever the mood strikes.

Half n’ Half

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Bold colors and patterns aren’t for everyone. But if you’re looking to inject a little bit of fun into your bathroom without completely overwhelming the space, consider the half n’ half look. If you already have half-tiled walls, you’re pretty much primed for this look. 

Above the half-tile, you can put up wallpaper or paint it an eye-catching color. But even if you don’t have half-tiled bathroom walls, you can still accomplish this look with a bicolored painted wall. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, and it’s a simple way to get an impactful but still restrained look in any room.

Deck the Walls

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Image from Pinterest

Overwhelmed by white walls? Not sure what to do with your stretches of blank canvas? These bare walls are just brimming with untapped potential. The question is, what will you do with them? 

Why not turn your bathroom into a personalized paradise by decking the walls with the things you love. Maybe it’s art pieces, or mirrors, or shelving units with small decorative items on them. For a consistent look, even with mismatching art pieces, outline your pieces in simple black or white frames. If mirrors are your thing, choose different sizes, shapes, and styles for an eclectic and bright bathroom.

Use open shelving on the upper walls to show off your tchotchkes. Even if you have a small bathroom with limited space, you can still get the look. Try installing simple shelving that runs around the very top of the space – here, you can show off your cute knick-knacks and things that you rarely access without worrying about them getting in the way.

Plant One On Me

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

It’s our humble opinion that a bathroom should be a place of serenity and personal care. And what better way to infuse your bathroom with peace, harmony, and growth than by decorating with plants? Plantlife is known to have amazing effects on mental and emotional health. It reduces stress, aids in memory retention, boosts self-esteem, and generally makes us more creative, hopeful, and happy.

Fortunately, there are several varieties of plants that can grow in your bathroom, even without a speck of natural sunlight—although you may want to introduce a fluorescent grow light to give them some extra help. Many plants thrive in bathroom humidity, such as Boston ferns, English ivy, and spider plants. Short on counter space? No problem! Try hanging plants from the ceiling in cute macrame holders. It’s stylish and practical!

Got big plans for your bathroom? Let Foley Companies bring your vision to life! Call or email today and let’s talk transformation.

The Look and Feel of Texture in Your Northern Virginia Kitchen

What makes a kitchen feel like home? Is it the design? The color? The appliances? Personally, we don’t think that any of those are what make the difference. At Foley, we believe that the difference lies not just in what you see but in what you feel. 

The Secret Psychology of Texture

Image from Shutterstock

Image from Shutterstock

Textures give visual depth to any room, but more than that, they carry a deep psychological connection. Believe it or not, textures affect not only our physical sensation of touch but our emotions, as well. Soft and smooth textures are associated with luxury, daintiness, refinement, and positivity. Rough and unpolished surfaces, meanwhile, are associated with harshness and are often—but not always—perceived more negatively.

But the desire for certain kinds of textures can be a bit of a double-edged sword. For example, think about a room that is composed entirely of smooth surfaces. Polished stone, stainless steel, leather, hardwood, and others are all lovely to see and feel, but they can come across as cold and impersonal without a touch of softness. Likewise, a room full of unfinished edges and rough textures feels industrial and unwelcoming, and a room full of soft, plush fabrics can seem overstuffed and chintzy.

The Textured Kitchen

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It turns out that tactile stimuli have a lot more to do with our moods and emotions than you might think. So how can you adapt these psychological and aesthetic principles into your own home? 

Fortunately, your kitchen has plenty of space to introduce various textures, from rough to smooth to soft. Let’s look at the kinds of materials you can use to achieve certain looks while creating the perfect homey atmosphere.

The kitchen is one of those spaces that can easily become overwhelmingly shiny and smooth, and of course, that makes sense. With all the activity that your kitchen sees, it needs to be practical and easy to clean, and smooth surfaces often fit the bill. But to achieve the right balance, you might want to introduce some texture to give it a little depth.

The Feng Shui School of Texture

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Image from

Take a page from the book of feng shui interior design and use a range of different elements. In feng shui, the five elements are water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. By borrowing from each of these elements, you can get a well-rounded result. While feng shui promotes the use of these fundamentals to promote good energy and growth in the home, it also makes for a balanced textural aesthetic.

Here are a few ways to use feng shui in your textural design:

  • Water: mirrors, glass-front cabinetry
  • Fire: a gas-burning cooktop, abstract sculpture
  • Earth: clay/terracotta dishware, unpolished tiles, potted plants, or an indoor herb garden
  • Metal: stainless steel appliances and faucets, light fixtures, metal racks and shelving, industrial bartop stools
  • Wood: wooden cabinets, hardwood or laminate flooring, wooden table and/or chairs

Feng shui also loves to use natural fabrics, like silk, cotton, wool, and linen. Try incorporating these into fabric seat covers, curtains, blinds, area rugs, and light shades.

The Balancing Act

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Image from

The trick to accessorizing your kitchen with patterned and colored accents is balancing visually impactful pieces with complementary simplicity. And what’s more textural than a good pattern? 

If you want to include a bold, punchy, tiled backsplash, keep things sleek with more subdued countertops and cabinets. Tiles tend to be quite smooth, but if you use smaller tiles broken up with grout, it creates a fun, dimensional look that keeps your backsplash from looking overly sleek. If you include a patterned fabric, like paisley chair covers, keep the rest of the room relatively toned down, but try to have another small pop of texture, like a unique light fixture and a bright bowl of fruit on the counter.

You can also achieve different textures depending on glazes and finishes. Wood cabinets may be smooth, but you can change things up with thick, heavy-handed paint, giving the surface new depth. Likewise, adding polish to a rough stone countertop can turn it sleek and glossy. Even without changing your kitchen’s bones, you can easily change its appearance just through the use of finishes and furnishings.

As with all things in life, the key to decorating with textures is remembering to mix things up. After all, variety is the spice of life—and where better than the kitchen to spice things up? At Foley Companies, we want to bring spice to your kitchen and your life. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about the possibilities.

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Do I Need a Permit to Remodel My Fairfax County Kitchen?

Have you ever wondered if you need a permit to remodel your kitchen? Unless you’re only planning to give it a new coat of paint, the answer is probably yes. 

Many people don’t think too much about permits when they’re working on the inside of their home. After all, it’s not affecting anyone else. Or is it?

Today, we’re going to talk about the laws and limitations of the kitchen remodel. Although it’s probably not the most exciting part of a remodel, permitting is critical to your project’s success. The last thing you want in the middle of construction is to be confronted over your lack of paperwork.

Let’s dive in!

Permitting Basics

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What is a building permit anyway? It’s essentially the local governing body’s seal of approval on anticipated changes to a structure. With a signed permit in hand, your contracting team can proceed with construction and remodeling on your property. When you obtain a building permit, you show your willingness to comply with local standards of zoning, land use, and construction. These standards are in place to ensure worker safety, your safety, and that of any future owners of the home.

To make a long story short, it gives you and your design-build team a firm set of rules to follow and allows the governing body to enforce structural elements that don’t meet the standard. A signed permit is your ticket to a successful remodel.

When is a Permit Necessary?

Image from Handyman Home Projects

Image from Handyman Home Projects

Generally, when we think of building permits for a remodel, we tend to imagine them in terms of a massive construction project, like adding a pool in the backyard or attaching a sunroom off the kitchen. But this isn’t always the case.

So do you really need a permit to remodel your kitchen? Well, that depends. Simple repairs and replacements probably won’t require a permit because, for the most part, you’re only making cosmetic adjustments. But if you’re digging deeper than surface level, you’ll probably need one.

Anything that entails significant changes to the home, both to its structural integrity and its mechanical inner workings, could affect its occupant’s health and safety. That usually means anything to do with the framing, water lines, sewage lines, sanitation, fire protection, and electrical wiring.

Do YOU Need a Permit? It Depends.

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Permits can be a bit tricky. Building and zoning regulations change drastically from place to place, so there’s no single guaranteed answer to the question of whether you need one. the 

As a rule of thumb, at least in Northern Virginia, you probably won’t need a permit unless you are fundamentally altering the structure of the home in some way. Here are some examples of changes in the kitchen that won’t require a permit:

  • Installing new countertops
  • Replacing the doors or windows without changing the shape or structure of the frames
  • Attaching new sink fixtures

The truth is, though, there’s only one way to know for sure. You can easily find out about your local building and zoning requirements by calling your local building office. They’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about your local ordinances.

Getting a Permit

The fact of the matter is that permits can be a pain for homeowners. They’re the city, county, or township’s way of overseeing your project, roping you in with specific, detailed regulations. Beyond that, they’re quite complicated and often need to be read by someone who has intimate knowledge of local codes. 

What we’re saying is, they’re no fun. When you’re remodeling your home, you want to be able to focus on design selections that take you closer to your final vision. You probably don’t want to spend hours picking over the paperwork with a fine-toothed comb and hoping you did everything right. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because that’s part of our job.

Yes, it’s one more fabulous thing about partnering with Foley for your home improvement projects – we take care of all the nitty-gritty details, and that includes getting the right permits and ensuring everything aligns with local regulations. 

Our team has plenty of experience in this, so if you’re unsure whether you need one or not, just ask! The permit’s price is added to the estimate, we apply for it, and take care of all the inspections to ensure it all gets done correctly. 

At Foley Companies, we take care of the tough stuff so you can focus on what really matters: creating the home of your dreams. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Best Bathroom Flooring for Your Northern Virginia Home

When it comes to planning a bathroom remodel, flooring materials might not top your list of concerns. But just because it’s underfoot shouldn’t make it out of mind.

Choosing bathroom flooring can be a bit of a balancing act. On the one hand, you want the result to look attractive, but on the other, you need it to be sturdy and durable. You’ll ultimately need to find a happy medium between the two without breaking the bank.

So it comes down to three things: style, substance, and budget. Just how can you find the right flooring that ticks all the boxes?

Judging the Durability of Your Bathroom Flooring

In terms of durability, you’ll want something that holds up well against a bathroom’s public enemy number one: water. Splashes, spills, and overflows are sort of inevitable when it comes to bathrooms—especially when there are children involved. That’s why durability should be a top priority when making selections.

Fortunately, there are plenty of flooring materials that can withstand water, and at all different price points. The best bathroom flooring is nonporous, meaning it has no pores or small divots where water can leak in. It’s similar to the pores in your skin or the surface of a sponge. The larger the pores, the more porous the material is to water, air, and other fluids. Although smooth surfaces may not outwardly appear to have pores, some do. Nonporous surfaces include glass, plastic, and metal.

But of course, having glass or metal on your bathroom floor isn’t exactly realistic, no matter how advantageous it is. Instead, let’s take a look at some of what we think are the best bathroom flooring materials for your renovation dollar.

foley remodeling bathroom flooringPorcelain and Ceramic Bathroom Flooring

We’re grouping porcelain and ceramic together in the same category because they are very similar in terms of material composition. Both are made of refined clay, fired in a kiln at high temperature. Both are sold as tiles, are highly water-resistant, and are largely nonporous. They’re both extremely easy to clean, and with simple care, will last for many years to come.

However, porcelain is made with more refined clay—therefore purer—than its ceramic counterpart. It is fired at a higher temperature, making it diamond-hard. It’s considered top-of-the-line and is priced accordingly. For a more budget-friendly alternative, ceramic will do just as good a job as porcelain, and it’s easier to maneuver, so you can cut it into all kinds of interesting shapes. 

foley remodeling bathroom flooringNatural Stone Bathroom Flooring

Natural stone looks beautiful in the bathroom, but like porcelain, it’s a bit spendy. However, it might be worth the investment. Many homebuyers value the appeal of natural stones like marble, granite, and limestone, and may pay more to add curb appeal when it’s time to sell. 

Like the tiles mentioned above, natural stone is tough and durable with regular sealing. Although it’s slightly more porous than porcelain or ceramic, a quick cleanup after spills is more than enough to fix the issue. Many stones can also be cold and slippery to the touch, making it a bit of a hazard for some – except for slate, which has a naturally rough, grippy texture.

foley remodeling bathroom flooringLaminate Bathroom Flooring

If you like the look of wood, laminate is a good alternative. Unfortunately, natural wood, even hardwood, is extremely vulnerable to spills and water damage and is prone to rot. On the other hand, laminate can imitate the look of wood but is nowhere near as susceptible to moisture damage. The ‘wood’ is an image layer—a picture, believe it or not—covered with a protective plastic coating.

Although leaving water on a laminate surface for extended periods may cause issues, a quick wipe up should help you avoid any problems with rotting or warping, and tight seams between the panels will keep the lower layers dry and sturdy. Laminate is also an excellent option for anybody on a budget.

foley remodeling bathroom flooringVinyl Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl is the only flooring on this list that is completely impenetrable. It is entirely synthetic, meaning it’s 100 percent waterproof, regardless of how long you let puddles pool on the surface. With all the different colors, shapes, and styles to choose from, vinyl is super versatile and extremely budget-friendly. Some homeowners and buyers might say they don’t like its look, but aesthetics are about preference. Not everything is right for everyone!

If you’re thinking about your selection and are ready to get the new look, Foley Companies can help you order and install a bathroom floor you’ll love. We make flooring easy, so you can sit back and enjoy the results. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about it! 

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Trails at Great Falls Park That Are Perfect for Exploring This Fall

What better time is there than fall to explore nature’s beauty? The cold months are coming, which means it is time to break out the hiking boots and enjoy the last hurrahs of autumn. It’s cool enough out for sweaters, but the sun is still warming the ground, so get out there and enjoy it while you still can!

If you live in Great Falls, Virginia, you are probably already aware of the state’s crown jewel, Great Falls Park. The park is an 800-acre natural haven, featuring a stunning landscape enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

The park is perhaps best known for its stellar view of the Great Falls of the Potomac, where an enchanting series of 20-foot waterfalls and cascading rapids spray down to travel the Mather Gorge below. 

Four Best Hiking Trails in Great Falls Park

With over 15 miles of hikeable terrain, Great Falls Park has plenty of scenic trails and locales that make the price of entry worthwhile. Today, we’re sharing a list of our favorite walking, hiking, biking, and riding trails at Great Falls Park so you can enjoy them as well.

North River Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 1.5 miles one way, three miles round-trip

foley remodeling hiking trails in great falls

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The North River Trail brings you from the Great Falls visitor center to the Riverbend Park visitor center. This trail is only for hiking, but because a small portion of the trail crosses the Aqueduct Dam, it is not accessible for strollers or wheelchairs. Except for a short climb up the dam’s rocky hillside, this trail is gentle and straightforward, perfect for all hikers. Although the wildflowers aren’t in season during fall, avid bird watchers are sure to enjoy the view. Eagle-eyed hikers may even spy beaver activity along the way!

River Trail

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 1.5 miles one way, three miles round-trip

foley remodeling hiking trails in great falls

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The River Trail is for those with a true adventurer’s spirit. Another 1.5-mile one-way trek, this hike is more difficult than its more northerly counterpart. You’ll hike along the tops of the cliffs that line the Potomac River and Mather Gorge. With drop-offs ranging from 25-75 feet, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. However, for anybody willing to brave the rock scrambles and shifty terrain, the views are well worth the effort. 

Patowmack Canal Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 1.25 miles one way, 2.5 miles round-trip

foley remodeling hiking trails in great falls

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This lovely little trail is an ideal walking path for a more relaxed meander through the park, and it’s also wheelchair and stroller accessible. It follows the remains of the historic Patowmack Canal, one of five skirting canals that were the brainchild of George Washington, who designed the system to bypass the treacherous rapids of the Potomac River and enable easier passage through the states. You’ll see the over 200-year-old ruins of the Great Falls Canal, and you won’t miss catching an eyeful of the incredible falls! This gentle trail passes all three of the park’s overlooks, which offer stunning views of the rapids from various angles.

Old Carriage Road/Swamp Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 1.6 miles one way, 3.2 miles round-trip/0.9 miles one way, 1.8 miles round-trip

foley remodeling hiking trails in great falls

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Old Carriage Road lets you hike, bike, or travel by horseback through its shaded, mature woods. Although it is smooth sailing, for the most part, the path intersects the southern tip of Swamp Trail and becomes quite hilly, making it tricky traveling for wheelchairs and strollers. This path will take you through the woods and up the park’s southern ridge, the whole way lined with lush foliage. Birds and wildlife of all kinds are regularly found along the trail. If you do choose to veer off onto the Swamp Trail, you’ll find yourself in a low-lying marshy area, with lots of rocks and downed trees to liven up your hike. However, if you prefer, there’s a raised walkway to keep you high and dry, even while adventuring.

Whichever route you choose, you’re bound to enjoy the natural beauty of the falls and their surrounding trails. So get out there and enjoy the last of the warm weather. Spend time with loved ones, or find yourself on a solo hike. There’s no wrong way to spend time at Great Falls Park.

Now the choice is yours: which path will you take? Do you have any favorite fall hikes in the Great Falls area? We’d love to hear about them! Reach out today, and let’s talk about it.

foley remodeling why great falls is a great place to build your home

A Great Life in Great Falls

Great Falls is a census-designated place on the outskirts of Northern Virginia, bordering Washington, DC, and Maryland. Despite its proximity to the country’s political epicenter, Great Falls is quiet, insular, and quaint, making it a peaceful enclave favored by the well-to-do of Washington. 

Activities In Great Falls

For lovers of the great outdoors, there’s no better place than Great Falls. The folks who call the Falls home are privileged to be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Potomac River and its many scenic rural areas.

foley remodeling why great falls is a great place to build your homeIts abundance of parks includes the beloved Grand Falls Park. Here, hiking, biking, fishing, birdwatching, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and horseback riding are among the many features available to visitors. But the real star of the show is the park’s view of the Great Falls of the Potomac, for which the area is named. It’s here that the Potomac River builds up speed and force, spraying over a jagged terrace of stones before falling into the Mather Gorge below. This majestic natural site attracts tourists and locals alike to admire the 20-foot falls and explore the surrounding woods. 

If indoor activities are more your style, Great Falls is also home to various diverse dining establishments. From French to Irish and Mexican to Afghan, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Plus, there are a handful of cozy cafes and watering holes patronized by the close-knit local community where the staff regularly call their guests by name.

Cultural sites abound in Great Falls. Plenty of historical and colonial heritage buildings and museums are here to explore, including the Colvin Mill and Great Falls Grange. Shop your heart out in Great Falls’ collection of local boutiques, and grab an ice cream as an afternoon treat. 


But for all of Great Falls’ picturesque beauty, this area is a prime location for trade and industry. Nestled between Route 7 and the Capital Beltway, Great Falls has recently become a bustling hub for real estate developers. In the past decade, the population has made a significant jump, bringing a more modern sensibility to this otherwise rural haven.

foley remodeling why great falls is a great place to build your homeBut just because Great Falls is expanding doesn’t mean that it’s headed towards unkempt urban sprawl. Because its roads have capacity limitations and the area runs on well water, Great Falls can only grow so large, making it an ideal location to snap up real estate while it’s still available. 

Great Falls is bisected by the Georgetown Pike, a historic stretch of road once used for buffalo runs and transporting goods. The pike meanders its way through the town, providing a scenic drive for passengers and easy access from the more rural parts of the state to its city centers. 

Attempts have been made through the years to widen the Pike, but have always been cut off at the shins. One such effort, by the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation in the 1950s, was opposed by then-senator John F. Kennedy. Great Falls got to keep its peace and quiet, which was, and still is, much appreciated by its residents.

Life in Great Falls

Indeed, the area’s falls are not the only great thing about this town. Langley High, Great Falls’ public high school, is ranked second best in the state and is considered to be among the best in the nation. Also making the cut is the nearby Madeira School for girls, a historic, nationally-renowned elite prep school with a roster of famous graduates. 

foley remodeling why great falls is a great place to build your homeTo add to its appeal, Great Falls has perhaps the lowest poverty rate within Fairfax County, as only one percent of its residents live below the poverty line. Its citizens are well-educated, and the average household income is over $222,000 annually.

With everything it has going for it, Great Falls is a great place to call home. Its humble population of 15,000 and its remarkable school system make it a prime location for families with children. Despite its close proximity to the nation’s largest political hub, its rural atmosphere makes it ideal for government workers in need of a more relaxed pace in their off-hours. Altogether, this makes Great Falls the perfect combination of central and rural, and it could be the ideal place for you to set down roots.

If Great Falls is calling you, let us help you build a custom home of your very own. To learn more about what we can do for you, connect with us today. We’d love to learn more about you and share what makes our state so incredible.

foley remodeling kitchen design l-shape

The L Word: Designing an L-Shaped Kitchen for Your Fairfax County Home

Looking to remodel your kitchen? It’s an exciting process! Home improvement projects are a reminder that every room is full of potential. You’ll finally have the chance to create a house that you genuinely love. 

Designing a kitchen that satisfies both your aesthetic and practical needs is a delicate balance, though. You need to get stuff done, but you also want to look good while doing it. That’s why the first and most crucial step in any kitchen reno is deciding on your new layout.

Choosing a Kitchen Layout

The layout is the foundation of your kitchen. While it’s simple to make cosmetic changes to your kitchen, changing the design is not quite easy. That’s why you want to get it right the first time. So what should you do?

Popular kitchen layouts include the U-shape and galley styles, but another excellent choice is the L-shaped kitchen. Like any selection, an L-shaped layout has its pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision comes down to practicality and preferences.

As its name would imply, the L-shaped kitchen consists of two arms that intersect at a 90-degree angle. Most of these layouts have one long arm and one that’s shorter, although, in some larger kitchens, both arms are the same length, each anchored to the walls of your kitchen. That’s the L-shaped kitchen in a nutshell.

foley remodeling kitchen design l-shapeL-Shaped Kitchen Design Pros

Because all your appliances are tucked away against the walls of your kitchen, the L-shape’s open concept has a bright and breezy appeal. You don’t have to worry about the space looking cramped or cut off, making it great for smaller homes or bachelor pads. But this also makes it prime territory for larger kitchens, because two chefs can easily work together in the L layout.

The great thing about the L-shaped kitchen is that it’s super versatile and flexible. You can put your appliances almost anywhere and still create an easily maneuverable kitchen triangle. If you’re not familiar with the kitchen triangle, it is a basic design concept that places the three primary zones—fridge, sink, and cooktop—in a triangular shape. This allows you to move freely from one zone to the next to maximize efficiency while cooking.

While we’re on the kitchen triangle subject, let’s also discuss the flow of the L-shaped kitchen layout. With two equally long arms, it makes sense to place your fridge and sink along one wall and the prep area and stove on the other. If the arms are unequal, you may be better off putting the refrigerator, sink, and prep area on the long side with the cooktop and some landing space on the short arm. Whichever way you arrange it, everything is easily within the range without feeling crowded.

foley remodeling kitchen design l-shapeL-Shaped Kitchen Cons

One of the downsides of the L-shaped kitchen is that it isolates the kitchen from houseguests. Because the kitchen’s arms face the walls, you’re bound to have your back turned on any visitors. For some folks, cooking is a very social pastime, and the idea of doing an about-face takes away from the fun of hosting. For others, it may not matter at all. If you are one of the former, the L-shaped kitchen may not be ideal for you.

Because the L-shaped kitchen is a bit scant on surface area, you may find yourself longing for more counter real estate. Of course, with a good design, you’ll still have the necessary landing space for your dishes and plenty of room to prep your ingredients. But for those who cook a lot and need to spread out, you may find the L a bit lacking. Depending on where your kitchen’s windows are, you might also miss out on some upper cabinetry

Of course, almost all of these issues can quickly be resolved with an island. Many homeowners who elect for the L choose to add a floating kitchen island in the unoccupied space. This is a fantastic way to create a highly functional and super attractive kitchen without losing the open-concept design. Not only is an island a stylish space divider, but it also accommodates additional storage and does double-duty as a bar top, food prep area, and casual seating. 

If you’re feeling the love for the L-shape, let us give you the look. Foley Companies makes the design, order, and installation of your new kitchen a breeze—all you have to do is connect with us to get started.

foley remodeling bathroom remodel trends

Tip to Tile: Bathroom Tile Designs You’ll Love

No bathroom is complete without the perfect tile. But what exactly constitutes the perfect tile? The answer is different for every homeowner. Some prefer a more subtle look, while others want to go all out with an eye-popping pattern.

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing bathroom tile, there’s rarely a wrong answer. It is all about what works for you. So long as your tile is strong, durable, and water-resistant, the rest is up to personal taste!

Today, we are going to take a look at some of our favorite popular tile styles and designs. There’s something out there for everyone, so hopefully, you’ll be inspired by this collection. Let’s get to it!

Tile Patterns and Prints

foley remodeling bathroom remodel trendsWho said patterns are just for your walls? Introducing patterned tiles into your bathroom is a fun way to give your space a pop of visual appeal. Choose a classic pattern for timeless elegance, or if your style is more eclectic, go for something a little edgier.

Patterned tiles are available in designs ranging from pretty florals to angular graphic prints. The available designs vary greatly depending on the tile vendor, which means that you are bound to find the perfect print for your bathroom. 

Does the night sky inspire you? You can put it on your floor. There’s something quite regal about the starburst patterned tile, and no two designs are exactly alike. From poppy Art Deco styles and ziggurat patterns to delicate flowers, fleur-de-lis prints, and Celtic knot designs, there is no shortage of choices for the artistically-inclined homeowner.

Timeless, All-Over Appeal

foley remodeling bathroom remodel trendsTiles don’t have to be reserved for the floor, shower, or backsplash. Why not give your bathroom a head-to-toe tile makeover? Simple, neutral tiles can make your bathroom look clean, sophisticated, and cohesive. 

For an all-over look that utilizes the same tile throughout, why not try classic white subway tile? There’s a reason that subway tiles have had such lasting power over the past 100 years. Their neat lines and familiar layout never seem to go out of style, making them ideal candidates for a floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile look.  

Change it up by using different sized tiles in the same style, or by using one technique on the walls and another on the floors. The aforementioned white subway tiles on the walls look beautiful paired with an elegant black-and-white geometric print on the floor. But don’t limit your imagination—an understated tile pairs well with just about anything! 

Classic Styling – With a Twist

foley remodeling bathroom remodel trendsJust because a tile is simple doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring. If printed tiles aren’t your thing, but you’re looking for that little extra something-something, try using patterns in a different way. Take a classic tile, and lay it in an irregular pattern for a modern twist on a timeless look.  

Tiles can be laid in a surprising number of ways! You may be familiar with traditional patterns like the stack bond or running bond pattern—we’re looking at you, subway tiles! But it turns out there’s a vast array of options beyond these classic looks. 

Basketweave, herringbone, chevron, and windmill patterns bring a touch of whimsy to your bathroom. What’s even better is that most of these designs can be accomplished without having to order two different kinds of tiles. All it needs is a bit of reshaping, and you’re done.  

Don’t Be a Square

foley remodeling bathroom remodel trendsSquare and rectangular tiles are great and all, but granted, they are not for everyone. For the homeowner that wants to go a little outside the box, try a non-traditional tile shape. 

Consider geometric tile, for example. Hexagonal and diamond-shaped tiles are clean, modern, and dynamic choices for any bathroom. And no, a diamond tile isn’t just a square rotated on its side – they are more angled than its symmetrical counterpart, closer to a rhombus than a square. These look great in an allover pattern or styled as a mosaic. Speaking of which, mosaic floors made out of diamond-shaped tiles are an art form unto themselves.

Geometric shapes still not for you? Not to worry, there are plenty of unique options out there to pique your interest. Fan-shaped, picket, and arabesque tiles are just a few of the possibilities. 

Did any of these bathroom tile tips pique your interest? If you are feeling inspired to make a change in your bathroom, Foley Companies is your go-to for home renovation projects in Northern Virginia. Connect with us today, and let’s get started.

foley remodeling emotional side of remodeling

The Many Emotions of Home Remodeling

There’s nothing quite as strenuous or as rewarding as a home improvement project. At times, you may feel like you’re on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster and working off a to-do list as long as your arm. But when you see the final result, we guarantee that every minute spent stressing will seem worthwhile. 

Remodeling a home looks and feels different for everyone, but you may be wondering about what to expect during the several weeks—or months—during which your home turns into a construction zone.  

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Home remodeling isn’t ever a walk in the park. If you’re new to home improvement, you might be expecting an easy-breezy process, not unlike an HGTV home makeover. Sure, things may be a little messy at first, but fast-forward a few minutes and voila! Everything turns out just as planned, and the finished product looks pretty stellar. 

In reality (not reality TV), the period between the messy start and the glossy finish is not as simple or as glamorous as television leads you to believe. It can be noisy, dirty, frustrating, and it rarely goes according to plan.  

The process can be incredibly stressful if you’re the type to plan every aspect of your renovation down to the last detail. Home renovations, regardless of how good of a plan you start with, often deviate. It helps to expect the unexpected and to come to terms with the fact that there will be surprises and setbacks along the way.

But even though the road has its share of bumps, it will all be worth it when you finally arrive at the end. Besides, nothing worth having or doing comes without pain and effort.

foley remodeling emotional side of remodelingWhat Am I Feeling Now?

During your home reno, expect to experience the full gamut of emotions. It’s a whirlwind! Here’s an example of emotions in a typical remodeling journey:

  • We’re doing it. We’re actually doing it!
  • First thing’s first—find a contractor.
  • I looked online, there’s about… uh, 50 contractors in my area.
  • This is complicated.
  • Okay, we finally found the right team. Here we go!
  • This is so exciting!
  • Ooh, I love that. Yes, perfect. PERFECT.
  • Our contractor is a genius; I couldn’t have planned it better myself.
  • I’m sorry, the hardwood flooring costs how much?
  • Well… invest now, save later. Right?
  • I can’t wait until we finally start breaking ground.
  • When is demolition day? Can I smash something??
  • Let the construction commence!
  • Wait, who are all these people?
  • Ah, that’s pretty noisy… but they’ll be done that part soon, right?
  • A fine layer of dust covers everything I own.
  • Oh my gosh, I thought this would be done days ago!
  • Where are the materials we wanted? What? Backordered?!
  • This looks like a total wreck. There’s no way it will come out the way we planned.
  • Why did we start this? When will it be over?
  • Okay, just two more weeks, and we’ll be in the clear.
  • Delays? Nooooooooooo!
  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint. A marathon, not a sprint. A marathon…
  • Wait, I can actually see it coming together. 
  • Are we… almost finished?
  • This is exactly what I was envisioning when I made my Pinterest board.
  • Please let the inspector sign off on this, oh please.
  • Finally! Finallyyyyyyyy!
  • I love it.
  • Totally worth it.
  • So when are we redoing the kitchen?

Of course, this is just a lighthearted glimpse into what life can be like during a home remodel. Everyone’s experience is different, and of course, your outcome will vary depending on the team that you surround yourself with.

foley remodeling emotional side of remodelingThe Right Team

Having a good team on board for your home remodel is critical to the success of your project. So how do you recognize the right company for you? The right company is one that takes your home improvement as seriously as you do. It’s a team that is passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable about what they do, one that shares your vision for what your home can look like. 

That’s why Foley Companies is the right choice for your Northern Virginia remodel. Foley is a family-owned and operated business with more than four decades of experience and expertise. From design development to finishes and fabrication, Foley is your one-stop-shop for all things home improvement. 

Our unique process is integral to achieving results that you and your family will cherish for years to come. For a renovation that will not only change your home but will also change your life, Foley Companies is ready to assist. Let us bring your vision to life—we promise you’ll love the results. Reach out today, and let’s talk transformation!

foley remodeling bathroom design ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Fairfax County Home

Your bathroom might not be the first space that comes to mind when you think of glamor and style, but with all the time you spend in there, it might as well be beautiful. 

Top Bathroom Remodel Ideas

We’ve assembled a handful of our favorite bathroom designs for your delectation in hopes that you discover something that intrigues! Let’s dive right in.  

Modern Contemporary

foley remodeling bathroom design ideasGive your bathroom a fresh modern makeover with these streamlined elements. Contemporary design emphasizes clean, crisp lines, glossy finishes, and cool-toned hues. 

Decorate with sleek accents and fixtures in stainless steel, and no contemporary bathroom is complete without a glass shower stall. A minimal aesthetic allows you to go all-out on the accessories. 

To truly bring your bathroom into the 21st century, consider introducing smart accessories into your space, like a luxurious shower that can be programmed via an LED interface or smartphone app, or vanity mirror lights that can be brightened, dimmed and tuned to your hue of choice by simple voice command. 

Fabulous Farmhouse

foley remodeling bathroom design ideasThe modern farmhouse style is beloved for its lovely combination of rustic and contemporary styles. If rugged elegance appeals to you, we have a few tips for styling your bathroom to fit this aesthetic. 

Start with flooring of dark stone or patterned tile juxtaposed against a backsplash of white subway tiles or beadboard. A rich wooden vanity brings in the farmhouse charm, but keep it modern with simple, unornamented hardware. Try a large, round mirror—or two, if you have a double vanity—paired with a sleek frame. 

Keep the area well-illuminated with a combination of natural light, overhead lighting, and decorative light fixtures around your vanity. Soft, warm-hued light gives your bathroom a homey feel. If you’ve gone simple and minimal with the rest of the space, don’t be afraid to select lighting fixtures that are a little eccentric and unique. 

Finish the look off with a freestanding high-sided soaking tub, and black or bronze fixtures for your taps and faucets. 

Feng Shui

foley remodeling bathroom design ideasFor a feng shui-inspired design, you want to maximize the Zen of your bathroom space. The art of feng shui has a long, storied history and is based on the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy. Feng shui is more than just a decor style; it is a way of life. Its elements of mysticism have long intrigued western homeowners, inspiring them to try their hand at this Chinese art form. 

At its most basic and simplified level, feng shui is about creating an environment of harmonious energy and flow in your space. Its focus on nature, simplicity, and balance yields a beautiful, streamlined result that will have you feeling relaxed in no time. The fundamentals of feng shui focus on harmonizing the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and metal.  

To achieve this look, stick with a simple, more subtle color palette. A light wooden vanity looks lovely combined with a sleek metal sink basin and simple fixtures, while clean lines complement the minimal aesthetic perfectly. Your shower or bath feature will actually represent the element of water, so just add some nature, like unfussy, leafy plants, and you’re all set. 

While feng shui-inspired decor isn’t the same as living and embodying this ancient credo, applying these principles to your bathroom’s design will help you feel centered and soothed.  

Vintage Glamor

foley remodeling bathroom design ideasWant a bathroom straight out of old Hollywood? Vintage glam doesn’t have to look out of place in your bathroom. You can achieve this vibe with a few thoughtful additions; it’s more about creating a vintage atmosphere than duplicating a room from Gatsby’s manor! 

Elegant, curved shapes, a richly-patterned tile floor, elongated vanity sconces, and glossy surfaces will make your bathroom stand out from the rest. Luxurious marble countertops and gold or bronze fixtures will bring that much-needed element of luxury, and embellished mirrors and reflective surfaces make your bathroom look and feel bigger than it really is. Plus, it’s reminiscent of the elegant trifold mirrors of olden-day boudoirs. 

Decorate the space with silver or gold ornamented accessories, vases of flowers, pendant light fixtures, and eye-catching hardware on your vanity or cabinets.  

If any of these looks caught your designer’s eye, Foley Companies could help you turn it into reality. Our design-build team has a passion for style, and we know how to do it right. Turn your bathroom into the relaxing haven you’ve always dreamed of; connect with us today, and let’s get started.