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Apply For A Business License Phoenix, Arizona

Apply For A Business License Phoenix, Arizona

To operate a business in Phoenix, you will need to obtain a privilege tax license from the City of Phoenix Finance Department. You can apply for a privilege tax license in person at 251 West Washington Street, or you may choose to fill in and print the application online at the City of Phoenix website.

What information will you provide for your Privilege Tax License application?

Be aware that all information that you provide for your privilege tax license application (excepting your social security number) will become public record, and be available for access to the public. The following information is used to complete your privilege tax license application:

  1. The name, phone number, social security number and address for all owners of the business
  2. Whether your business is owned by a corporation, in a partnership, husband/wife co-owned, solely owned, LLC, LLP, a revocable or irrevocable trust or other type of ownership
  3. Type of business (commercial, property rental, contractor, retail, amusement, etc)
  4. A check box for whether or not you serve alcohol
  5. Information on the ownership of your business property and whether it is a home occupation
  6. If your business property is rented, name and contact information of the landlord or property manager
  7. Type of license you are applying for (new business, or purchase of an existing business)
  8. Date you plan to start your tax liability in Phoenix
  9. Name of business

When you have completed your application, you will need to print it (if you filled it in online) and return it to the City of Phoenix Finance Department. Continue reading