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I wondered if there are some other gems on the list that you’d like to share with us

I wondered if there are some other gems on the list that you’d like to share with us

Jeanie: That’s a great plan. So, my guess is that you just announced this year’s top free Portland hookup sites winner, which students in grades four through eight vote for. What’s the winner, from this past list?

Annie: So, Alan Gratz’s book Refugee won for this year. What’s exciting about that is this is the second year in a row for him to be a winning author. Last year’s Project 1065 won. Kids are really excited about his books and, so he’s a winner again. Second year in a row.

Congrats to ‘s Refugee which won this year’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award! Mr. Gratz’s selections have won two years in a row!! Great choice #vted readers!! #dorothyslist #vsla pic.twitter/q2sM3cQmzM

Jeanie: That’s wonderful. When I was both a kindergarten to sixth-grade school librarian and then again in seven to 12, these books flew off my shelf. You all put together such a lovely list. Some of my favorite middle grades reads have been on that list, including now Felix and No Fixed Address.

From the CHMS School Librarian, Steve Madden: The 2019-2020 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Master List is out, and you can check out the books here: pic.twitter/bXiJA0eAX5

We have some great Vermont author books on this year’s list.

We always like to try to put a creepy, scary book on the list every year. Small Spaces by Katherine Arden is a great creepy book, and also a great place book in terms of the setting in Vermont. This one’s going to fly off the shelves. I know for sure.

So, kids are kind of going on this field trip from Hell where they’re like stuck in this field and there are scary scarecrows and there is all kinds of mystery. It all revolves around this book that a woman was going to toss into a river and this kid grabbed it. Then strange things start happening. So, I can’t tell you more than that, but it’s going to be a really fun, scary book that I’m sure will fly off the shelves.

Annie: Oh, yes. In her book, The Benefits of Being an Octopus, again, one of my favorites on the list. Continue reading