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The fresh technology about as to why too many females need to befriend homosexual people

The fresh technology about as to why too many females need to befriend homosexual people

Revelation report

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For decades, friendships anywhere between straight lady and you may homosexual men were an interest out of pop music community fascination. Courses, television shows and have length video clips have all emphasized this specific dating, recognized for their closeness and you may breadth.

But with society’s attitudes on the gays and lesbians modifying, it has become increasingly crucial that you build a holistic wisdom of one’s relationships anywhere between homosexual and upright anybody.

Because a specialist inside the societal therapy, You will find tend to wondered: why do straight women-gay men matchmaking works so well? Why are straight female therefore attracted to with homosexual boys since loved ones? Of course do this type of relationships generally mode?

For the duration of my look, I have discovered that the best, powerful � and you will, probably, extremely commercially coherent � reasons is through the newest lens away from evolution.

Specifically, I think evolutionary psychology and person mating can help define why matchmaking anywhere between upright women and you may homosexual males will prosper.

A secure bet

At first glance, it reason may sound slightly counterintuitive. (After all, straight lady and you will homosexual people don’t partner with one another.)

Yet not, this can be only the reason at the rear of my personal strategy. Just like the homosexual men don’t partner with women � or take on them to possess mates � girls end up being a certain comfort and ease with homosexual males, in addition to process of developing a close friendship can occur seemingly rapidly. Continue reading