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Is the Lotus Sex Condition if you like Closeness and you can Love

Is the Lotus Sex Condition if you like Closeness and you can Love

One of the beautiful things about sex is that there are so many different sex positions to satisfy whatever craving you and your partner happen to be having. If you’re looking for something rougher that brings out your animal instincts, you might want to try these doggy layout variations. But if youre looking for something that ramps up the intimacy, then you should consider trying the Lotus sex position.

The Lotus is a classic Tantric position, though it goes by a different name in Tantra: Yab Yum. It’s ideal for someone who wants to feel close to their partner physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If youre someone who really loves missionary because you feel connected to your partner both during (and after) sex, then you should try out the Lotus. No offense to the classic sex position, but the lotus puts missionary in order to guilt.

“You really have access to your lovers entire body about Lotus condition,” says Megan Fleming, Ph.D., intercourse expert having Lovehoney. You might take their people tits or butt if you’re caressing its foot. You can even “hold her or him” by covering your own arms doing its straight back.

But the greatest benefit to the fresh new Lotus “is the quantity of intimate relationship that comes out-of being face-to-face,” Fleming states. “From a beneficial Tantric position, you have eye-looking (i.elizabeth., gazing deeply to your partner’s sight), but you can as well as with ease kiss your ex partner also.”

You happen to be wanting to know why the Lotus is not an essential during the this new boudoir ways missionary otherwise doggy try. The reason is that its a small complicated to pull regarding. But don’t care and attention. We are planning to break apart all you need to discover the latest Lotus gender updates to help you fully like it. (I also provide specific selection whether your amazing status isn’t assisting you to.)

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