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I wish to understand what ‘s the correct Islamic method for me locate a wife

I wish to understand what ‘s the correct Islamic method for me locate a wife


Because an american move I’ve zero family unit members relationships and you can manage not see very many Muslims, while i am a bit timid and you can hushed, however, are now living in an area with several Muslims from other places.


All-perfect praise be so you can Allah, God of Worlds. I attest that there is not one worthy of worship except Allah, which Muhammad is actually Their servant and Messenger.

The first step in selecting a spouse is to ask Allah getting advice (by praying a-two-Rak’ah prayer specifically for it mission), ask Him to have let, and pray so you can Your for success and you can prosperity.

Then you have to see men and women the person you have confidence in conditions of piety, honesty, expertise, and feel. It’s are not said: “ He which requires Allah to own information cannot falter, and then he exactly who consults others does not regret. ”

Immediately after creating all these methods, you start finding the right spouse. You have got to place faith and you will morality over the top out-of the brand new meanings and criteria on the basis of that you favor your wife. According to a couple of very genuine instructions from Hadith, this new Prophet said: “ A female was ily lineage, the girl beauty along with her faith. Very buy the religious you to definitely, you’ll excel. ” [Al-Bukhari and you may Muslim]

Right here, the fresh new Prophet draws all of our appeal that the base preference was religion, to own a religious girlfriend is more prepared to match the rights of Allah, This new Exalted, the girl partner, youngsters, along with her home. Yet ,, this does not mean overlooking another criteria, such as for example an effective lineage and you may beauty. This is exactly reveal regarding the Prophet’s guidance with the kid – exactly who wished to marry – to consider the lady, as the would-be stated lower than, Allah willing. Continue reading