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Junior engineers can be a real asset to your teams – make sure your org is the right place to help t… The presenter, Meri Williams was really good, empathetic, funny, engaged with the audience, and nice with all the speakers . Some of the speakers recommended books to further read about certain topics.

We are a community of software engineering leaders that come together to learn and get inspired on all things team, tech, process, and personal development. LeadDev has become an essential destination for anyone in tech and engineering who wants to scale themselves and create impact. When you plug in to LeadDev, you gain access to inspirational knowledge and thought-provoking advice on both perennial challenges and the issues of today. From practical ideas you can implement immediately, to future trends that will give you an electric advantage. We provide this via a range of content that includes articles, thematic content series, video talks and panel discussions, written and delivered by the best voices in engineering. The Lead Developer is an international conference for engineering managers, tech leads and CTOs, taking place in London, Berlin, Austin and New York.


We’d love for everyone to be able to attend LeadDev London on June 27-28, 2023, but we know that some people’s personal or financial circumstances will make this difficult. Switching between tasks comes with the territory for software engineers. Context switching is an unavoidable part of being an engineering leader. It’s a natural side effect of working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

LeadDev Together ‘Building and growing teams’

I first learned the importance of contextual awareness when I started in a management position at a new company. The insights here will apply across management and technical leadership. As engineering leaders, we have a large opportunity to scale our effectiveness as our decisions impact the output of our whole organisation. This means our investments in helping our teams become more effective is of particularly high value.


Here are eight ways to help prioritize being an ethical engineering leader. Recently, in the midst of our busy work-from-home schedules, my husband and I managed to carve out some time over lunch to hang out. Unfortunately, previously we have had a number of scholars not attend the conference and fail to let us know before the event or at all. This means that we’re unable to offer their scholarship place to another worthy applicant from our waiting list. In order to overcome this and to ensure we have as many scholars attend the conference as possible, we ask scholars without VISAs to pay €20 when they are offered their place.

This is the feeling I’m going to try to remember ahead of my next talk in order to calm my nerves. If your article has been selected, we’ll be in touch with the next steps and the timeline for you to write your article within (this tends to be 3-4 weeks). If we choose your article for publication, we’ll offer all the support we can in the creation of your article.

Building an environment for learning and development

Even though I bet delivering an idea or a message in 10 minutes is a lot of work, the speakers did a great job doing so. You’ve trained as an engineer but now you’re a manager of engineers or a manager of managers. This new role requires a completely different skill set with a focus on “soft skills” to be a successful leader.

After a first draft has been handed in, it will be passed to our in-house editor who will work with you to ensure that your article is the best that it can be. Exploring programmes that reward learning and development, and encourage the growth of your engineer… How to manage unprecedented changes and build an organizational culture fit for the future. Empower engineers with independence through cultures, practices, and vision. Drill down into why engineers choose to build or buy products.


Exploring hiring processes that are efficient, inclusive, and consistent for candidates and teams. Learn to create an inclusive culture for distributed teams. It builds leading marketplace ecosystems enabled by tech, powered by trust, and loved by its customers. By the way, the organizers will share the photos and talk videos very soon, and they’ll collect links to slides and resources on the conference site here. I think I’ve come a long way from my first talk, but I think I have much more to improve on. Now that I know what to expect, I’m looking forward to applying the lessons I’ve learned from this talk to the next one.

The annual conference is full of practical takeaways to help you lead your team, build psychological safety, and support your team members to level up to leadership roles themselves. DevOps promises faster, better software delivery cycles, but engineering leaders should consider if it’s the right approach for them and their organization. Over the past DORA Metrics: How to Measure Software Delivery Performance decade, DevOps has emerged as an overarching philosophy and set of development practices that have transformed how software is written and deployed. In a fast-changing world, leaders must take steps to cultivate contextual awareness. Atindra Ghosh, an experienced director of software engineering, shares his three top tips to develop this vital skill.

When there are changes of direction in the organisation, remind the team of the strengths that stay the same e.g. same colleagues to work with and same opportunities to learn. Even if people do leave, there will be opportunities for others to grow. Peers are a motivation to stay, are people around you challenging you to be better?


The event for Heads, Directors, VPs and other senior engineering leaders. Overcome growth challenges within your engineering team through technical frameworks and leadership … Learn effective engineering management and leadership. COVID-19 update We’ve been carefully reviewing the situation around the world regarding Covid-19 and the effect it has had on our community and our ability to come together at large conferences. To bring some certainty, and so that our entire community can feel comfortable travelling to and attending our events, we have decided to further postpone our in-person conferences until 2021. I also wanted to improve upon my internalization of my talk.

If you’re local and do not need to apply for a VISA or make travel arrangements we will get back to you by March 31, 2023. A lead developer will still get their hands dirty in the codebase, but needs to know how to hire, lead, and talk to management. Join the six-part group development course addressing engineering leadership’s most fundamental challenges. Advantages of Python that made it so Popular and its Major Applications But the highlight came when I spoke with a startup engineering leader who told me my talk had a “pivotal impact” on him. We discussed the challenges he’s facing with his team and I think I was able to ask some questions and share some relevant experiences that were helpful. It meant so much to me that I was able to have this kind of impact on someone.

The DALL-E illustrations I created for my slides seemed to catch people’s attention. Most of the people I talked to seemed to remember that ASP NET MVC Developer Job Description Template I had used DALL-E to create the artwork. First of all, I would like to send kudos to the organization team as everything was awesome.

  • We discussed the challenges he’s facing with his team and I think I was able to ask some questions and share some relevant experiences that were helpful.
  • If we choose your article for publication, we’ll offer all the support we can in the creation of your article.
  • What do people enjoy/not enjoy about coming into work?
  • I was talking, moving around, and getting through the talk, and then all of a sudden it was over.
  • This charge is refunded once you attend the conference or inform us you can no longer attend by July 14, 2023.

Take a step back to identify why people don’t feel they can make their own decisions. Leaders must understand the processes in the company to be able to justify decisions/levels to their team in one-on-ones. LeadDev recently hosted a panel discussion on ‘Creating and sustaining motivation in your engineering team’. I recommend listening as many topical points were covered that may spark ideas around motivation in your teams.

The “soul-sucking” process of applying to a single job

Stay interviews could be considered to fix things before it gets too late. Ask candid questions to understand individual motivators. What do people enjoy/not enjoy about coming into work? Our open CFPs can be found below with more details of the process, the support we provide and what topics we look for. Through a culture of collaboration, we’ll explore how to create visibility for engineers and their m… Building an effective coaching approach that’s right for you and your engineering team.

Scholars with VISAs are in contact with us before the conference regarding their application, therefore, we do not charge them. In order to overcome this and to ensure we have as many scholars attend the conference as possible, we ask scholars without VISAs to pay $20 when they are offered their place. In order to overcome this and to ensure we have as many scholars attend the conference as possible, we ask scholars without VISAs to pay £20 when they are offered their place. It felt really good when three other speakers referenced my talk during their own talks. These talks intersected with mine in the areas of writing culture, effective delegation, and development of first-time tech leads. This was further validation that I had focused on areas that others valued.

Which is probably the sense of humor I should be injecting into my own talk anyway. When I asked the audience a thought-provoking question, I felt like I was hitting a climactic note. This felt the same as those rare moments when I ask a colleague just the right question phrased just the right way that enables them to unlock the solution. I wish I had been more intentional about this with my talk. For example, when describing the importance of fostering a writing culture I could have asked the audience what kind of processes would their team benefit from having written down.

The social responsibility of software engineers

All these carefully designed details collectively attributed to an inclusive and delightful event and I personally found them inspiring. Also, the entire event was very inclusive and accessible. They provided real-time audio captioning for all talks and indicated several times that there were gender neutral toilets in the venue. Not only were there some talks about the topic, Diversity & Inclusion, but the audience and the speakers reflected and represented the significance of this topic.

Kate’s explanation of how people with different realities need to use their 10% time at work and why it’s important to provide that time as part of our working hours, was my biggest A-ha! That’s the reason why I feel obliged to share my review for the conference with all of you. Next time I’d like to try expressing my ideas using visual story-telling tools like charts and graphs, in addition to slides that simply grab the audience’s attention. One of the biggest challenges LeadDev had to overcome was time pressure. They needed to launch a fully online presence in under 3 months, starting from scratch.