Build On Your Lot In Great Falls VA

Build On Your Lot In Great Falls, VA

At Foley, we know the thought of building on your own Great Falls lot can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. It’s a process that requires skill and craftsmanship, two traits we’ve been bringing to Northern VA homeowners for more than three decades. While we didn’t invent the idea of building on your own lot, we work hard to make it the most customer-oriented process possible. Our clients tell us we’re succeeding.

The Right Lot for Your Custom Home

Many of the homeowners we talk to have a vision of what they want their new custom home to look like, but they don’t know where or how to get started. We specialize in helping clients find the “perfect spot” for their dream home. Whether your already have your lot picked out, need help finding a location, or have questions about a property you’re considering, we’ll supply the guidance and support you need to help you make the right decision. We know lot selection is about much more than finding a piece of land. There are:

  • Zoning and building regulations.
  • Demolition requirements.
  • Septic, sewer, water, and utilities considerations.
  • Permits.

And the list goes on. The Foley team will help you find a lot that is not only beautiful, but also suitable for building and well-priced.

How Foley Helps You Find the Perfect Lot

There are a lot of beautiful lots in Great Falls, but not all of them are suitable for the home you want to build. That’s where we can help. Some benefits of working with us to find the right lot include:

A Home with a View: Most of our clients want the same thing – to find an area in which to build that is beautiful, safe, and suited to their family’s lifestyle. We focus on locating the ideal lot that complements the custom plan we design for you.

Meeting Requirements: Every lot has local requirements and regulations that come with it. Since the lot purchase is typically between 25% to 50% of the overall price of your custom home, it’s important to know that it’s suitable for building. The Virginia residential building code has over 50 categories, including height, basement, bedroom, and bathroom constraints. There are also restrictions on how much of the lot can be dedicated to driveways, walkways, and patios. We help you assess building regulations, zoning laws, water and sewer line needs, and clearing costs, etc.

Essential Land Testing: Percolation tests (required to properly design a septic system) are just one of the essential assessments for lot selection. Certain deficiencies will prevent you from building on a lot, even if it meets all your other requirements.

A Lot That’s Affordable: After decades of experience, we understand how to find a lot that is priced right and is ideally suited to your home design. We know that building a custom home is not just about finding the right floor plan to fit on a lot, but locating a lot that perfectly complements the home you want to build.

Let’s Get Started

Your custom home’s lot is where the process all begins. Does the perfect lot exist? The truth is, no matter which lot you choose, there will be challenges. Our goal is to make sure those challenges are easily met and dealt with. Building on your Great Falls lot requires vision, patience, and an experienced team of professionals who provide you with the advice you need throughout the process. At Foley, we believe our attention to detail and exceptional customer service delivers a one-of-a-kind homebuilding experience: your land, your dream, and our commitment to excellence.

To learn more about our custom home design process, we invite you to schedule a conversation with us today. You may also be interested in downloading our free guide that sets out the top 10 compelling reasons to choose our firm for your custom home design and construction.