Bathroom Soaker or Shower? A Guide To Planning Your Master Bathroom in Great Falls, VA

If you’re looking to either install a new, or remodel an existing master bathroom in your Great Falls, VA home, you may be confused as to whether you need a soaker tub, a shower, or both. Bathtubs are great if you have kids, or if you yourself love the relaxation that comes with jetted hydrotherapy.

If your bathroom has ample space, a separate shower and bathtub can be ideal. For smaller rooms, a shower-tub combo might be best. There’s an art to selecting the right bath product that offers the function you and your family need. But choosing the perfect shower or soaker tub for your new bathroom can be a fun and simple task.

Master Bathroom Bathtub or Soaker?

One of the most important elements of any master bathroom is, of course, the tub and/or shower. There’s no hard and fast rules as to which is best, and it mostly comes down to your personal preference. Up until recently, the majority of master bathrooms included a large soaking tub, creating a spa-like oasis where homeowners could relax and get away from it all.

Today, the trend is moving towards larger showers with multiple massaging showerheads and steam options.

  • Showers: Large, walk-in showers are today’s number one choice, and they’re perfect for a hectic lifestyle. Busy moms, in particular, have stated that a master suite bathtub is something they don’t really want, as they rarely have time for long soaks in a tub.

Many homeowners are instead getting the same spa-like feel of a tub with shower design elements such as floor to ceiling tile, shower seats, and benches.

  • Soaker Tubs: Some homeowners can’t imagine a master bathroom without a tub. For them, nothing matches soaking in a nice hot bath with a glass of wine. Or they see their tub as therapy, perfect for soothing aching joints or back pain. Large tubs often act as the focal point of new master bath. The most popular tubs today are free-standing, but jetted tubs are still a favorite choice for many.

Ultimately, the choice between a tub, shower, or both, comes down to what works best for your family. There will always be “tub people” and “shower people,” so there’s no right or wrong decision. When deciding, think about things such as age, accessibility, room size, and personal taste. At Foley, our goal is to help you design and create the master bathroom that best suits your family’s particular needs.

Showers, Soaker Tubs, and Resale Value

Does the product you choose affect the resale value of your home? The experts differ in their opinion. Some feel the lack of a tub in the master bathroom hurts resale, while others feel as long as there’s a tub elsewhere in the house, it’s not that big a deal. They say today’s buyers care more about having an oversized shower in the master bath. The choice is yours. We believe it’s always best to design your home with your own best interests in mind.

Planning a Master Bathroom

The top three considerations in planning your new master bath are space, needs, and budget. There are endless customization options to choose from, but there are a few basic elements each master bathroom requires:

  • Circulation: How much space do you need, and what is the ideal layout? Pathways should be at least 36 inches, and it’s best to allow at least 42 inches in front of sinks for maintaining optimal personal space. Work with your designer to make creative use of the available square footage and give the room a spacious feel.
  • Tub Placement: Beautiful soaker tubs are focal features that should be featured prominently in the room. Leave enough floor space in front of them for easy entering and exiting. The space needed for your tub depends on how you will configure the bathroom layout.
  • Shower Placement: Position showers in such a way that moisture and overspray remain in water-resistant areas, and devote a section of floor space in front of the shower for handling any water spill. Most showers are 36 inches or more in width or depth, but there really is no limit, and the final choice comes down to homeowner preference.

If you’re ready to get started designing your new Great Falls VA master bathroom, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you create the updated bath of your dreams.