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Bathroom Remodeling, Start to Finish: How Long Does it Take?

If you’ve decided to embark on a home improvement project, you might be wondering how long the process will take. The scope and length of any renovation can be a significant factor if you decide to go through with it. 

So when it comes to bathroom remodeling, just how long will it take? 

Most bathrooms tend to be pretty small compared to the rest of the rooms in the house—although that isn’t always the case. But don’t be fooled by the size of the bathroom. Just because there’s less square footage doesn’t mean the job will be quick and easy!  

The bathroom can be a tricky beast. It’s filled with water lines and plumbing, electrical wiring, and ventilation shafts. Most of the work that goes into renovating a bathroom is “behind the scenes,” under the floors and behind the walls. 

That’s not to say that the finishings don’t take time, too. Depending on the complexity of the work, the size of the space, and the components you want your finished bathroom to have, the design elements can add days or even weeks of extra time onto your project. 

The Master Plan

The first step to any successful renovation is to have a plan in place. This means working with your design team to establish a comfortable budget and figure out which elements you want to feature in your bathroom. Once you’ve done that, it’s important to consider the priority of your wish list. Depending on your budget and the time you have to do the job, you might have to compromise. 

Once you know exactly what needs to be done, only then will you be able to accurately calculate how long the process will take. Without knowing the details of your bathroom remodel, we can only give approximate ranges for each stage of development. 

foley remodeling bathroom days to finishPoints of Consideration 


Is this a tip-to-tail, start from scratch remodel? Or is it just cosmetic? If you’re stripping your bathroom back to the studs, the project will take much longer than if you’re doing a surface makeover.  

Imported Goods

Are you ordering specialty materials that have to be shipped across the country or even internationally? If your materials can’t be sourced locally, you’ll need to add time for shipping and delivery. 

Right Hand (Wo)Man

Think about who is coordinating the various workers. Do you have to hire an electrician, plumber, inspector, and other independent professionals? Or is your contractor taking care of it? If you are doing it yourself, finding the right people for the job can be a lengthy process, unless you’ve already done much research on the subject. 

foley remodeling bathroom days to finishThe Timeline

Here is an example of the average timeline for a bathroom remodel in Fairfax County:  

  • Demolition: 2 days. May take longer if the bathroom is on an upper floor.
  • Rough Carpentry: 2 days. Optional if you’re already working with a solid structure.
  • Rough-Ins: 2-4 days. The foundational water lines, plumbing, and electricity get put in, minus the fixtures.
  • First Inspection: 1 day. An inspector has to sign off on the electrical and plumbing before the drywall goes up.
  • Insulation: 1 day. Insulating the walls is a quick job and can take under a day.
  • Drywalling: 2-3 days. Between hanging, mudding, drying, sanding, and repeating, time spent drywalling can really add up.
  • Final Inspection: 1 day. Once again, the inspector needs to approve that the technical aspects have been done correctly.
  • Paint: 1-2 days. Typically a pretty speedy process, although you may need an extra day for multiple coats.
  • Tile Work: 2 days. A simple task, but takes time to dry after application.
  • Cabinetry: 1 day. There aren’t usually many cabinets in the bathroom, so this shouldn’t take too long.
  • Flooring & Trim: 2 days. Can take longer depending on the materials used.
  • Hookups: 2 days. Hooking up the fixtures, including toilets, tubs, faucets, light fixtures, etc.
  • Float: 1-2 days. Having float in your schedule allows you to make time for unexpected tasks.

A full-scale renovation can take anywhere from two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half weeks when it’s all said and done. A cosmetic refurbishment can be anywhere from a few days to a week and a half—the last calculation assumes you’re doing all the work listed above, from painting to hookups.

For a no-stress renovation and a stellar finish, Foley Companies can help bring your bathroom vision to life. Our streamlined design-build process ensures smooth sailing, and you’ll love your new space! Connect today, and let’s talk about it.

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