Adding On? Check Out These 5 Inspiring Home Additions Ideas

Thinking about building a home addition? Adding on to your existing home is a great way to stay put in a house and location you already love while gaining the space you need. Whether it’s a bigger kitchen, adding a master suite or family room, or building up to add bedrooms and baths, an addition allows you to enjoy your home in a whole new way.

House Addition Ideas

It’s a big endeavor, but a well-thought-out addition pays for itself time and again. Why not increase your home’s value and make it a more enjoyable space by extending its square footage with a carefully designed addition? You can maximize your investment by choosing the ideal materials and architectural details that best complement your existing home.

Read about these popular home addition ideas that combine more space with good looks and get inspired for your own add-on.

1.Connect to the Outdoors

Many owners of older homes in particular look to build additional space by adding on the back of the house. Typical requests are for kitchen and/or family room add-ons. A great advantage to this type of addition is being able to strengthen your home’s connection to its backyard. People often include a new patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen when they do a rear addition. A backyard addition is also a fun way to experiment with different materials. Instead of trying to match existing brickwork, for example, you can choose a complementing material that still preserves your home’s architectural integrity.

2.Kitchen Additions

Kitchen additions allow you to enlarge and modernize what is arguably the most important room in the house. They bring an excellent return on investment. Popular new features include customized storage, clean lines (no fussy details!), muted colors like grey and faded blue, and seamless integration with other living areas. Darker floors with light cabinets, copper accents like range hoods, and statement floor tile are fresh ways to make a big visual impact.

3. Bathroom Additions

Nearly tied with kitchens on ROI, one or more bathroom additions can dramatically improve your family’s lifestyle. It allows each person to have their own space for getting ready in the morning, gives them more privacy, and lets you claim the master bath as an exclusive retreat. What’s new for this year? Curbless showers, floating vanities, shower nooks and benches, freestanding soaking tubs, undermount sinks, and a decided shift to neutral colors. Creative use of tile adds a dramatic or colorful touch, depending on your personal style.

4. Master Suite Additions

A master suite addition not only increases square footage and quality of living, it also adds great value. Today’s trend is a luxury space that goes far beyond the traditional master suite. Upscale and equipped with the latest in bathroom technology, these additions often include sitting areas, fireplaces, TVs, surround-sound stereo systems, and shower features that rival any resort spa.

5. Two-Story and Third Story Additions

If you lack the room to build out, why not go up? A second or third floor addition has an excellent return and there are endless possibilities for what to do with the space. Many homeowners add bedrooms and baths for the children and guests, but others build a two-story addition that includes a family room or kitchen below and home gym above. If you can imagine it, it can be built!

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A remodeling project can only accomplish so much within the confines of your home’s existing footprint. To get the home you really want, an addition often makes a lot of sense. Choosing to add on means you finally get to have that gourmet kitchen you’ve always dreamed of or sleeping and bathing spaces for every family member. You can even double your living space if you so choose!

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