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A Luxury Kitchen Remodel for Your Fairfax County Home

The kitchen is the heart of the homestead. So what could be better than a beautiful, luxurious kitchen that you’ll love spending time in? You may think that to have a sophisticated kitchen, you will have to sacrifice functionality, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can have the best of both worlds, and we’re going to show you how!

Additionally, a luxury kitchen gives you an excellent return on your investment. Your home’s kitchen is a huge selling point, so it pays to have one that’s both elegant and efficient. 

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a sleek look and refined atmosphere without sacrificing your space’s functionality, look at this list of kitchen remodel ideas:

Defining Luxury

What is luxury exactly? In the most literal sense, it simply refers to a heightened state of comfort and living extravagantly. 

When we think of luxury, most of us think of high-end quality. The wonderful thing about this is that good quality can come in any size, shape, and style. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a way to make luxury work for you.

So, whatever luxury means to you, here are some ideas on how to get some for your kitchen.

Luxury Layouts

A luxury kitchen is one that accounts for all your needs and allocates space appropriately. Make sure that you establish a clear plan before moving forward with your kitchen renovation. If your kitchen layout lacks planning, adding all the bells and whistles will only change the look, not the performance.

Think about how you use your kitchen, as well as any special occasions that you host through the year. Consider who uses the space most, and how they use it. Do you find yourself wishing you had more of this or less of that? If you do, put it on your wish list! When the time comes, that list will be an indispensable tool for your design team.

foley homes luxury kitchenLuxury Appliances

Appliances can make or break the functionality of your kitchen. Luckily, there’s no shortage of high-end kitchen appliances to suit your fancy. Luxury brands like Miele, Thermador, Viking, Sub-Zero, and La Cornue will give you top-of-the-line look and performance. Think refrigerator or freezer drawers, built-in wine storage, or appliances customized with front panels to match your cabinetry.

Maybe your vision of the height of luxury includes a custom La Cornue gas range with a matching hood. Perhaps it’s a high-tech smart fridge with double doors or a built-in wine fridge. You might even consider a fully customized set of built-in appliances, including a double oven and a warming drawer – you would be amazed at the beautiful options that are available today. 

Custom Lighting Design

Make sure that your new kitchen is beautifully lit to show off all its best features! Good lighting will let you appreciate your kitchen in its full glory. Maximize your natural light when possible, add overhead lighting for ambiance, and task lighting for maximum efficiency when working

Even without a lot of windows, your kitchen can still be perfectly illuminated to suit your unique style. An ornate chandelier, sleek pot lights, trendy cage lights, or elegant pendant fixtures punctuate the look and highlight your décor. Under-cabinet task lighting is subtle but highly efficient. Think about recessed lighting or up-lighting at the top of your cabinets, or try lighting up the insides of your cabinets, so they illuminate softly when you open them. 

foley homes luxury kitchenLuxe Finishes You Will Love

Backsplashes, countertops, cabinetry, hardware, and paint – each component is a piece of the puzzle in the bigger picture. For a luxury renovation, you want the very best. 

Natural wood, kiln-fired porcelain, and surfaces covered in natural stone like marble or granite ooze luxury. Perhaps your dream kitchen has custom mahogany cabinetry with glass-front panels, high-end faucets, and glossy surfaces everywhere. Or maybe you’re after a raw, unpolished, and modern look. Either way, there’s no shortage of quality finishing materials out there to bring your vision to life.

Luxury Never Goes Out Of Style

Luxury is timeless – it’s just about finding which style works for you and your kitchen. Choosing top-of-the-line materials ensures your kitchen will stand the test of time and that you will get to enjoy it for many years to come. It’s the high-quality finishes, sound design, and all the little details that pull the whole vision together.

When you work with Foley, our number one goal is to bring your vision to life. Our design-build team specializes in turning your vision into reality. Connect with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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