7 Bathroom Design Ideas We Think Are Trending In Great Falls VA

7 Bathroom Design Ideas We Think Are Trending In Great Falls, VA

They may be among the smallest rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean bathrooms should be designed as afterthoughts. Remodeling one or more of your Great Falls home’s bathrooms is one of the smartest home investment you can make. Adding updates like walk-in showers, double sinks, and new bathtubs increases your home’s overall value – and adds to your family’s enjoyment.

Before starting a bathroom remodel, it’s important to understand which popular trends will meet your specific needs. Need a ton of storage? Interested in aging in place design? There are a lot of fun bathroom design ideas to choose from. Here are 7 currently trending bathroom designs that we think make the most creative use of materials while offering the best blend of style and function.

  1.     Create the perfect powder room. Often the most neglected bath in the house design-wise, most powder rooms remain functional rather than stylish. But this doesn’t need to be the case. No matter what size the room, introducing just a few changes can make all the difference without breaking your budget. Simplicity and elegance are the keys to creating a stylish powder room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a bold statement. This powder room’s one-piece dual-flush toilet has a seamless design and a contemporary style, while the aqua tiles add a “wow” factor.


  1.     Fall in love with a small bathroom. Compact bathrooms tend to receive a lot of complaints, but with some innovative creative design yours can become a room the whole family adores. Remodeling small bathrooms is all about maximizing the use of space. This bold and beautiful small bath features amazing design elements and makes the most of the limited floorplan.


  1.     Nothing says timeless style like beautiful tile. The geometric trend continues in 2017 with interesting patterns taking shape on floors and walls. Two popular choices are hexagonal formats and textured tiles. Also popular is mixing tile with another surface like stone, wood, vinyl, or a different size tile, like the design pictured here.



  1.     Fantastic fixture choices. Black matte has gone beyond trend to become a way of life for many homeowners. Brass offers style versatility, rose gold continues to win over interior designers and homeowners alike, and brushed copper offers a bold look that also brings a sense of warmth to any bathroom.


  1.     Wall-hung vanities. Popular in Europe for years, these “floating” vanities make a room appear larger and lighter, offering a clean, modern look. Homeowners are also choosing vanity shelving as opposed to an abundance of closed-door cabinets.


  1.     Statement basins and tubs. Bathroom basins or tubs can be great focal points that act as a sculptural element in all size bathrooms. Organic materials are big in 2017 – oak, bamboo, granite, and sandstone are all highly sought after. It’s like having a piece of functional art in your bathroom!


  1.     Smart storage solutions. Everyone’s busy these days, even the kids! Keeping the essentials close at hand make life that much easier. Today’s trending cabinets include hidden power points, USB charging ports, or even sensor devices that ensure the cabinet mirror remains finger-print free!


Is it Time to Remodel Your Home’s Bathroom?

Whatever your reason for remodeling a bathroom, creating a new space that works as a beautiful and functional retreat is always a smart investment. From improved lighting to updated fixtures and tiles as well as more storage, make sure your remodeled bath makes the best use of trends that will stand the test of time. Neutral designs with touches of color or bold elemental features will add a lot of value to your home. Just remember: the best choice is a balance of features that will still be stylish for years to come.

If you’re ready to explore more bathroom design ideas for your Great Falls home, why not schedule an in-home consultation with us today? We look forward to meeting you! You can also learn more about our 30 years of learning and experience in home remodeling, our home remodeling process, and the most frequently asked questions we receive about the home remodeling process.