3 Facts About Obtaining A Building Permit in Northern VA You Need To Know

3 Facts About Obtaining A Building Permit in Northern VA You Need To Know

Custom home building in Fairfax County, as in most areas of Northern VA, is both an exciting and exacting enterprise. The pleasure comes from what we like to call the “shiny stuff,” like floor coverings, great new cabinetry, countertops, and all the other beautiful items you choose to make your home unique to you.

The tedium can come from dealing with the nitty-gritty details connected to land development and the physical building of your home.

At Foley Development Group, we consider excavation, bringing in and connecting utilities, and obtaining the building permit required in Northern VA to all be just a small part of the entire process.

Virginia state law requires that certain permits in Northern VA be obtained prior to start of construction on any housing project. Fairfax County abides by and enforces that law in the permitting, plan review and inspection processes. As part of the process in building your custom home, Foley Development Group will make sure you’re covered on everything required by law for building a home in Northern VA.

1. When a Building Permit Is Required

If you’re constructing a new residential structure in Fairfax County, multiple permits will be required. The permits can include the Building Permit, Land Disturbance Permit, Site Plan Permit, Demo Permit (infill lots normally require older homes to be torn down) and utility type permits. Detailed building plans will also be required and must be designed under local design criteria and the current building code. You will also need a site-related plan, which details things like land disturbance, tree conservation, storm water runoff and much more.

2. From Permit Application To Approval

Applying for these various permits in Northern VA is less complicated than it used to be (applications can be obtained online), but it’s still a detailed procedure that you shouldn’t have to grapple with yourself. As part of the process you’ll be asked to supply the who, what, where and how of the custom build.

Your application is then reviewed and Fairfax County staff determine if your build is in compliance with state and county building codes, zoning ordinances and statutes. The time to approval depends greatly on the complexity of the project, new residential homes can take anywhere from two to four months.

You can follow online the status of your application. Your application is essentially approved once county staff affirms compliance with building codes, zoning ordinances and other applicable statutes, and is ultimately approved once all final permit fees are paid.

3. Construction To Completion

All permits must be prominently displayed (a window is a popular choice) during the entire construction phase, and all county-approved building plans must be available at the construction site. A county inspector must inspect each major phase of construction to ensure all works conforms to the permit, the code and the approved plans.

Most field changes will require a new review and approval identical to the original application. When your build is complete, the inspector will make one final inspection, which marks the conclusion of your project and grants you permission to occupy your new residence.

At Foley Development Group, we believe the custom build process should include helping you navigate these intricate waters, steering you clear of tricky or challenging obstacles. From walking the lot, obtaining permits, scheduling inspections and applying for field changes, we’re with you every step of the way towards realizing the completion of your dream home.