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AsĀ deck builders in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas, we have a lot to offer. If you are looking to have a deck built on to your home, it would behoove you to educate yourself on the proper procedures for hiring a deck building contractor. You want an experienced professional. Here are some tips for making sure you hire the best deck contractor for your project:

A deck contractor should have an established presence in the area

It really is preferable for a deck contractor to have an established presence in the Northern VA area. The reason is because they will be more familiar with the climate and how it can affect your deck and they will also have established contacts that could possibly help you save money on the materials they will have to purchase for your deck project. They will also know what type of wood to use for your project so that it is durable over the years within the Northern VA climate.

A good deck contractor will help you plan your project

Most deck contractors will have a pretty decent idea as to how to proceed when it comes to planning, constructing, and finishing a deck. However, it would behoove you to have a plan in place ahead of time in order to help the deck building professional understand just what you want done for your project. Remember, they are just as human as you are. They can’t read minds, so by all means help themĀ help you.

A deck contractor will not mind if you investigate them

One of the red flags for you to be able to tell if you are not dealing with a true professional would be if they are evasive when you ask for reviews and recommendations. A building contractor that stands by his work will not be afraid if you want to check his background. You should feel free to check websites such as Angie’s List to ensure that your potential contractor is a certified professional with verified work within the industry.

A deck contractor allow you to interview and will give you a written estimate

Ask your professional deck builder in Northern Virginia the following questions: * How long have you been in the business? * Are you licensed for this area? * Do you always have a supervisor on site for any employees that you might have? * Are you experienced with obtaining local permits? Incorporated in 1976, The Foley Companies have 38 years of continuous experience in custom home building and remodeling existing homes in Northern Virginia at competitive prices. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients which exemplifies our commitment to quality, excellence and value.

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