Read Our Raving Fan Client Testimonials

I did want to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you and your staff during the construction of our new home. I also want you to know how pleased we are with the quality of our home and the responsiveness of your staff Lyn does a great job keeping all of the changes straight and really helped me to always know where I was financially… I also really appreciated being able to move in on the exact date that you had promised the house would be complete…”
–Cheryl Terry

Dear Wayne and Lyn… We wanted you to know how much we appreciate the creativity, professionalism, attention to detail and follow-up that you demonstrated on this project… We met with Wayne, and were immediately impressed by his ability to listen. Rather than attempt to convince us to change our ideas to fit his plans, he was able to incorporate them into an outstanding design for our needs… Through the selection process, Lyn provided us with invaluable consulting; Lyn’s extensive experience prevented us from making mistakes… we were always kept informed as to what was going on…You delivered our home, working against a very tight timetable, two weeks early. A truly remarkable feat! An element of your standard contract indicates that the project will be completed ‘in the spirit of friends and neighbors.’ We thought the language was superfluous during negotiations. We discovered it is absolutely true. We love our new Foley home, and are proud to count you as our friends and neighbors.”
–Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Blomstrom

Dear Wayne… we wanted to take the time to express in writing our appreciation for the fine job you and the entire Foley Construction Corp. team did on our home… And in keeping with your reputation, you delivered the house on time and on budget… the reason for the success of this project was due to the great team you’ve assembled… Lyn in selections and scheduling… Al in overall supervision… critical tasks of Terry cannot be forgotten either! They were all a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. The subcontractors you used were quality professionals who took pride in their work… We appreciate the way you’ve stuck with getting the details right and never sacrificed quality in order to just get the job done… Thanks again for a great house!”
–Mark and Kim Pacala

“On behalf of the Brown Family, I would like to express our sincere thanks to Foley Construction for the fulfilled promises of an elegant, energy efficient, peaceful family home… As we watched other friends and their construction nightmares (builders going bankrupt, homes taking over a year to complete, lack of warranties and accountability from builders) we became even more satisfied with our choice to entrust the family owned business of Foley Construction to build our Georgian Estate. From the selection process to the punch-list finishing work, we have witnessed the utmost in patience, integrity, and professionalism from the entire company… We have found true happiness in this home that we feel is full of quality, luxury, and detail. We owe the success of this project to the team members of Foley Construction who have been so helpful and honest. All unforeseen changes and repairs have been handled expediently and efficiently with great care. For these reasons we would highly recommend your services!”
–Mark and Lauri Brown

“Dear Wayne… I remember that in our first meeting you said that it is important to enjoy the process, and that your customers seemed to have fun. Our whole experience, although hectic, was enjoyable from beginning to end… The combined utility bills for our new homes… for the twelve months… is even less than for our other home in Vienna, which had only half the square footage… We had expected the openness of our design and the large expanse of glass in the Nittany to lead to very high utility bills, despite your assurances to the contrary… The best measure of a company, however, is its response to problems. We had a few, of course, and we were very pleased with your reactions in dealing with them. The construction crew worked hard to maintain the guidelines you set, both for timeliness and for quality of construction. The fact that our home was completed within two weeks of the originally scheduled date, even though we made a number of design changes, is proof of your high standards and the skill of your team in overcoming obstacles… We are very pleased with the home, and we highly recommend Foley Construction to anyone preparing to build a custom home.”
–Tom and Charlotte Norwood

“The delight of having recently moved into a new custom-built home and the high regard my wife and I hold for the builder and his company for its design and construction impels us to express our appreciation in writing… The design phase went through a number of major changes as our ideas began to fuse into something coherent. Wayne kept coming up with different options, advising us at every turn about the cost implications. As we moved into the construction phase, we began to appreciate how quickly and effectively he was able to mobilize his team to meet an impossible deadline which we had to meet. His wife enormously facilitated matters for us as she introduced us to the subcontractors and set up appointments for our selection of fixtures, colors, et al. The other members of the office staff made us feel as part of the family as we all became an integral part of a well-organized process. My wife and I were invited to a Xmas party at the home of one of our soon-to-be neighbors and were delighted to find Wayne and Lyn among the guests. It was clear that they were an accepted member of the community. In the course of the construction we came to know them better and have since become good friends… Construction was completed as scheduled in six months. None of my close friends could believe that a 6,500 sq. ft. house could be built in that period of time… Wayne and his crew continue unfailingly to honor the warranty on the work. Unforeseen problems are quickly and effectively addressed. Finally, if we had to do it over again, Wayne and his people would be the first we would turn to.”
–Pierre L. Sales

“We are writing to share our positively rewarding experience in home-building, due to the fact that we chose as our builder, Foley Construction Corporation… Wayne and Lyn tirelessly supplied us with information, support and suggestions based on their experience and expertise. Because of their help, we had no need to hire an architect, which meant substantial savings for us. Just as Wayne predicted, our house was built in six months, despite major weather and bad ground obstacles (Our friends are amazed this beautiful home was completed in that amount of time)… As we look back, two excellent Foley features stick out in our minds: communication and the selection process. We received no less than weekly written correspondence from Wayne, in addition to almost daily informal interaction with someone involved with our home. As to selections, Lyn’s process of sharing a manageable number of options at a time allowed us to make informed choices we know we’ll love for a long time to come. We could not be more pleased with our new home and our relationship with the Foleys. The joy of working with an excellent family-owned business that understands integrity and friendship cannot be overemphasized. We know with confidence Wayne and Lyn stand behind their workmanship and we are proud to share our home with our family and friends.”
–Congressman and Mrs. Calvin Dooley

“I wanted to take this opportunity to commend all of the individuals of the W. M. Foley Construction Corporation for their work on my home and to describe the high standard of service and professionalism they have maintained throughout the entire process… Wayne… was an honest businessman who delivered what he promised, who was responsive to the concerns and requests for changes brought by his customers and who delivered a final product that was very high quality at a reasonable cost… Wayne worked closely with me in making extensive modifications to the original floor plan… Wayne suggested several modifications, based on his experience with prior homes, which I believe significantly improved the final product.”

“Lyn Foley is responsible for helping clients make all the decisions related to final choices on everything involved with the house, from exterior paint and brick choices to interior finishes, appliances and hardware… Lyn can best be described as a knowledgeable professional who brings a rare, but very necessary, combination of patience and cheerfulness to her job… With the added complication of a busy schedule and frequent business trips, I am sure the selection process on my house took slightly longer than is typical. Lyn never pushed but she was always willing to give me the benefit of her experience…”

“Al Geserick brings the same professionalism to his job… Al is intolerant of mistakes and quick to react when any of the subcontractors is not performing as expected… There have been several items done incorrectly, as I am sure is typical for any large construction job, but in almost every case, and certainly for any significant problem, by the time I had called, Al had already seen the problem and started the necessary corrections… I noticed that the fireplaces in both the living room and master bedroom had been installed off center. I had a meeting with Al at the house, and before speaking to Al, I noticed the fireplaces had already been torn out and were being rebuilt according to plan…”

“Throughout the construction process I have felt that Wayne, Lyn and Al have been looking out for my best interests. Whenever I have had a problem or needed their advice they have all been readily available and they have all reacted quickly to resolve any outstanding issues. Obviously Wayne is in the business of building homes to make a profit yet I have never felt that Wayne, Lyn or Al’ suggestions or advice were motivated by anything other than what they honestly believed would improve the value of my home. The result is a house I am proud of and which has been praised by everyone that sees it.”
–Michael B. McEnearney

“We are building a house that Foley Construction has built before… We met with Wayne Foley several times to adapt the floor plan to our needs. Suggestions were made by both parties on ways to improve the design so it would fit our family. Wayne was always receptive to our ideas for change and would work with us until we were all happy… Lyn has provided advice when we asked for it, told us when she thought something just wouldn’t work… Al always draws pictures for us when we begin to look confused to better illustrate the point he’s trying to make. Al is the on-site detail person and little escapes his attention… The actual construction phase has been a dream. We have absolutely no builder “horror” stories. Working with Foley Construction is truly like working with a big family. Everyone in the office knows who you are and goes out of their way to welcome and accommodate you. They deal with all the potential problems and all the paperwork involved in the bank draws… the highest praise we can give is that we would easily recommend Foley Construction to anyone with no reservations…”
–Dr. James and Pamela Jelinek

“…We encountered what we thought was a unique statement in his contract: ‘It is mutually agreed by all parties that this project will start, progress and end in a spirit of mutual cooperation and friendship’… The many varied selections in having a home custom built can be overwhelming, and certainly the expertise of Lyn Foley made this process easier than expected. Her spirit of cooperation in our many changes and indecisiveness has been outstanding. We changed selections time and again, and never did we feel uncomfortable doing so… We are indeed fortunate to be working with a small builder of quality custom homes. It has been a very close relationship with the entire staff, and we are looking forward to… a continuing spirit of mutual cooperation and friendship.”
–Betty and Donald Wallace

“We would enthusiastically recommend Wayne’s firm to anyone to design and construct a house. We have been extremely impressed with their professionalism, excellent design advice, and the obviously genuine pride they take in the quality of the homes they build. Wayne and his staff care as much or more than their customer about building a beautiful, quality constructed house… We had never built a house before, were more than a little nervous about taking the step… Wayne worked very hard and intensely for three weeks making extensive modifications to the plans… Wayne’s advice was excellent. He not only understands and can explain construction considerations, but he has an excellent sense of aesthetics, of what will look attractive and be effective from a design perspective… We have worked closely with Lyn Foley making the selections for our house. She as well as Wayne, Al Geserick, and the staff have offered excellent, practical advice-never being pushy… They have excellent judgement of what is economical, aesthetically effective, and good quality… We’re very excited about our house and extremely pleased to be working with W. M. Foley Construction Corporation.”
–Patricia Y and David Alton Smith

“When we decided to remodel our home, there was only one builder we considered for the job. Someone we could trust to turn our wishes into reality: W. M. Foley Construction… We turned to them to finish our basement. That project went so smoothly that we made plans for a three-story addition when our growing family needed more space. Now that the addition is complete, we still remain friends and are very grateful for a job well done… We felt like part of a team working toward a common goal… Wayne and Lyn listened to our wishes and showed how everything could become a reality: financing, design decisions, choosing materials, and working within Reston’s covenants. During construction, they kept us aware of what to expect and when. Any questions or problems that cropped up have always been addressed promptly… Now as we enjoy the changes in our home, we appreciate having a builder that we trust… The value of our home is greatly enhanced, but most importantly we know we made the right decision when we chose our builder.”
–Nancy and Dallas Simons

“It has been over ten years since we first contacted Foley Construction Corporation to build an addition to our home in Vienna… Wayne Foley and his wife, Lyn, were so helpful and generous with their time and knowledge that we became friends in more than a business sense. When we then decided to purchase a lot and build a 7,000 square foot home in Great Fall, Virginia, we immediately turned to Foley Construction as someone with the integrity and skills we could trust. They made it possible for us to see the potential of the lot we eventually bought and advised us throughout the planning, design and implementation. Never being impatient with our many questions and various changes and personally making certain that the end result would be what we wanted, yet keeping the costs in line… After our Great Falls home was built, we returned to Foley Construction to finish out the basement, then to design and create the walk-out patio… More recently, we sought advice on reconstruction of our master bedroom suite. As we have come to expect, Wayne and Lyn quickly grasped our needs and showed us how to ‘make it happen.’ Within a very short time, this major reconstruction was designed, approved and all work completed. Two weeks ago, I called in to the Foley Construction Corporation offices about a problem with a basement sliding glass door. Since the door had been in place for over eight years, I expected a return call and an estimate of damage/replacement. Instead, they amazed me with an immediate no-charge repair call. I guess I should not have been surprised as that action reflects the same attitude and commitment to clients and friends which the Foleys have displayed throughout our relationship… Based upon my personal experience, as well as the solid reputation they have earned within the community, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Foley Construction Corporation to any potential clients.”
–W. Scott Buswell, III

Comments from Architects

“W. M. Foley Construction Corporation has maintained a professional relationship with my firm for the past five years… Wayne has good perception of the design taking shape and is able to offer innovative construction solutions which in turn present new opportunities. The result of all this is that we are able to complete the preliminary design phase much more quickly than situations where the builder is not present.”
–William R. Sutton, Architect

“Acting as the architectural representative for the mortgage lender… I was very pleased with both the quality and timely manner in which the construction took place… I wish all the contractors has their crews conduct themselves in the same manner as yours. I look forward to seeing you on other projects.”
–Harold L Pierce, AIA

“It is a pleasure to share with you our experience with the W. M. Foley Construction Corp… The quality of their work is exceptional and the professional way in which they dealt with our office and with the client made the job a success.”
–James S. Camp, AIA

Comments from Government Officials

“It is with sincere pleasure I write this letter in recognition of… Mr. Wayne Foley of Foley Construction Company. Wayne has been a business associate and legislative confidant of mine for a number of years and I greatly value his opinions and advice in many areas. Wayne has consistently given honest and insightful input into many legislative issues when I have needed a sounding board. His vast experience and expertise in the building industry has been an excellent resource in providing me with the industry’s perspective in a variety of topics ranging from land use to the environment. Wayne was instrumental in rewriting Virginia law and providing assurances for legislation to change the duration of a site plans from 18 months to 5 years… He is a respected member of the community who shares his knowledge of the building trade equally without fear of injury to his own business from his competitors. He is confident to go against the norm by his ability to say no to a project when he knows the customer can obtain desired results at a more favorable price. While sharing his secrets of success, Wayne has always been a man of his word. Whether it is with civic groups or with his church where he is chairman of the building committee, he is a man who does what he says he will do… uncommon practice has distinguished Wayne in the highly competitive building industry of Northern Virginia for many years… Wayne is a loving and compassionate husband and father who believes in giving back to the society which he is a part of. His activities over the years within the community stand as a testimony to his integrity and his development of Foley Construction as a model corporate citizen has established his firm as an example for others.”
–Richard L. “Dick” Fisher, Commonwealth of Virginia House of Delegates

“I am honored to write this letter on behalf of the W. M. Foley Construction Corporation… They have an outstanding reputation in the building industry due to the fine quality they put into every custom designed and built home… During a period of bad economic times, many home builders had a very difficult time staying ahead of the debt curve. The Foley’s did some downsizing, built fewer homes, but have always maintained the highest standards of quality, for which they have become renown… I have known Wayne Foley for some five years or so, and I know him to be a man of the highest integrity, honor and honesty. He holds a strong and long standing position of respect within the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area building and development community, as well as with community leaders and clients-past and present. Foley’s business code exemplifies honor and trust, and because of that, their company has an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction and fine home building.”
–Robert B. Dix, Jr., Supervisor, Hunter Mill District

Comments from the Trade Association

“As a homebuilder and as the current president of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association, a local National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) affiliated association, I have had an opportunity to work with Wayne Foley and to become familiar with his business acumen and his contributions to the building industry. Wayne and Lyn Foley and their company… enjoy an excellent reputation in the Northern Virginia custom home market place… they enjoy an excellent reputation for fairness and professionalism in their business dealings and for the high quality of the homes which they build.”
–Russell S. Rosenberger, Jr., President
Northern Virginia Building Industries Association

“Wayne’s long term support of the NAHB earned him an appointment to the Standing Committee on Single Family Custom Builders in 1989… Wayne has given generously of his time to committee meetings, strategic planning sessions, subcommittees that produced important core services, evaluation of policy that affects our custom builder membership, reviews of Home Builder Press publications-in-work that are intended for the custom builder… and a good many other projects that serve or benefit the small custom builder member of NAHB… By far his most significant contribution to the industry, however, lies in the area of education. From its earliest planning stages, Wayne has played a major part in the development and implementation of the Custom Builder Symposium, NAHB’s most successful single educational endeavor… Wayne has shared his knowledge and experience with literally thousands of builders at the NAHB Builders Show. In 1992, his presentation was rated 6th our of more than 220 courses. His was the 5th highest attended seminar in 1993… In addition, he writes articles on business topics for the NAHB Single Family Forum, Builders Management Journal, Southeast Builder Magazine, CUSTOM HOME, and BUILDER… As I have worked closely with Wayne and personally know of his commitments, dedication, and the great deal of time and energy he contributes to helping small builders manage their businesses better and more profitably…”
–Carol Hyman, Executive Director
National Association of Homebuilders

Comments from Our Community

“I would like to introduce myself: I’m Caroline Rocco, a licensed Virginia Realtor for 15 years… I have been consistently in the top ten Nationally with Coldwell Banker… I am also a Top Producer Life Member of the Northern Virginia Board of Realtors… In 1991 and 1992 I ranked second in residential sales among the nearly 10,000 agents selling in Northern Virginia. I am acknowledged as the luxury and estate property expert in the Washington DC area… For the last ten years I have worked closely with the very finest builders in this area and have become well aware of the problems that arise in new construction with custom built homes. By working closely day after day, year after year, you begin to know their “true colors” and through the years W. M. Foley has surfaces as unequivocally as the finest builder in both quality of construction and the highest level of integrity. He is well thought of by his associates, customers and has an outstanding reputation in the community… He heads what is essentially a ‘small town,’ ‘mom & pop’ operation that has stayed intact during the extreme changes in the market due to the economic climate in the country and particularly in the Northern Virginia area in the last few years…”
–Caroline Rocco, Coldwell Banker

“As a pastor of a parish containing more than 1200 families, it’s difficult for me to really get to know them very well. However, from time to time, a family stand out because of its dedication and involvement in parish life. This is certainly the case with the Foleys!… Wayne Foley serves as Chairman of our Building Committee… He never hesitated to lend us his expertise, time and talent. Not only does he assist our architect in developing the best possible expansion plans for us, but he is also diligent in making himself present at the local and county hearings being held to consider our development. His fine reputation as a builder has helped us gain the enthusiastic support of our parishioners, and our community, for our project. Wayne Foley is not just exemplary in his professional life, but impresses me as a terrific husband and father to his three boys, who are altar servers here, at our church, as well as being actively involved in our religious education program… Lyn Foley, who has served as one of our most dedicated teachers… is always ready to assist us in providing a quality religious education in our program which reaches more than 700 students. Despite her many obligations and duties, she still finds the time to lend herself generously to St. Catherine’s!…”
–Reverend Jerome Fasano, Pastor, St. Catherine of Siena

“On behalf of the families and staff at the Ronald McDonald House, I want to thank the members of the Custom Builders Council for participating in the October Homes Tour… The $10,000 raised by this wonderful project will be used for Building and Grounds budgeted items at the Northern Virginia House…”
–Debbie Wargo, Executive Director
Northern Virginia Ronald McDonald House